Anticipate the Surge of Telecommunication Traffic in Nataru, Here are the Steps of Kominfo and Cellular Operators

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) together with cellular telecommunication service providers have taken steps to anticipate the increase in traffic during the Christmas 2022 and New Year 2023 (Nataru) holidays.

Plt. Director General of Post and Informatics of the Ministry of Kominfo Ismail, stated that there are six steps taken by the Ministry of Kominfo and cellular telecommunications service providers.

“Kominfo together with cellular operators increase internet network capacity, optimize network quality and capacity, add new Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and provide mobile BTS in crowded centers, tourist attractions and other public spaces,” Ismail explained in a Press Conference on the Readiness of Telecommunications Network Infrastructure During Nataru, which took place virtually from Central Jakarta, Monday (26/12/2022).

According to Director General Ismail, each telecommunications operator has anticipated the increase in telecommunications network traffic. Telkom has prepared internet capacity of 28,270 Gbps and backbone capacity expansion of 5,680 Gbps. Furthermore, Telkomsel increased its internet gateway capacity from 8,812 Gbps to 11,052 Gbps.

“Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson increased internet network capacity from 5,466 Gbps to 7,273 Gbps. XL Axiata prepared a network capacity of 6,000 Gbps. Smartfren increased internet network capacity from 3,480 Gbps to 4,350 Gbps,” he said.

The Ministry of Communications and cellular operators also carry out a process of optimizing quality and capacity in networks at crowded points such as on the homecoming route on toll roads, in shopping centers, transportation centers, tourist attractions, places of worship.

“Especially in church areas, also including in residential areas with growth to anticipate significant growth in broadband traffic,” said Plt. Director General of PPI of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Cellular telecommunications service providers are also adding new BTS and preparing Compact Mobile Base Transceiver Station (Combat BTS) in crowded centers of rest areas on toll roads, tourist attractions, and various other public spaces.

Previously, according to DG Ismail, the Ministry of Communication and Information and cellular telecommunications service providers conducted telecommunications network rehearsal tests and test drives along the homecoming route.

“Our team has also conducted test drives along the toll road homecoming route to ensure service quality is maintained when there is a spike in traffic usage at the same time,” he said.

In addition, mobile telecommunications service providers prepare officers and posts that will be on guard for a full 24 hours, as well as ensuring that the Command Center and Call Center operate 24 hours.

“Officers and posts that will be on guard or supervise the implementation of traffic needs for 24/7, meaning full standby for 24 hours and also ensure that the command center and call center operate properly during this Nataru period. So, those are the six activities carried out in the process of anticipating the need to face this traffic spike,” Ismail explained.

Ismail also urged the public to be wise in using telecommunications networks and use certified devices so that they can still get quality services.

“Hopefully this can inform the public and provide peace of mind to the public in using telecommunications services. If there is a spike in traffic and so on, we also hope that the public will use certified telecommunications devices to ensure that all processes are carried out safely, comfortably and well controlled,” he said. (Biro Humas Kementerian Kominfo/


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