Bakamla Has a Tool to Measure Marine Security Index

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – The Marine Security Agency (Bakamla) now has a Marine Security Index (IKL) tool, as a measuring tool to determine the condition of marine security and safety.

The tool was officially launched by the Head of Bakamla RI, Admiral Aan Kurnia at the Ary Hasibuan Hall, Bakamla RI Headquarters, Jakarta, Wednesday (28/12/2022).

The launch was symbolically carried out by pressing the siren button by the Head of Bakamla RI together with representatives from the Ministry of PPN / Bappenas, Navy, Air Force, Basarnas, Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, BRIN, KLHK, Immigration, KNKT, Pushidrosal, BPS, Customs, and witnessed by all other invited guests.

Aan Kurniah said that Indonesia, as a country that has a very large sea, has not yet had a measuring tool for marine security and safety conditions. Though this is important to be a reference in the development of Indonesia’s maritime security.

“Alhamdulillah, today, exactly 1 year Bakamla is assisted by all ministries / institutions and experts from the University to produce the Indonesian Product Marine Security Index,” said Aan Kurnia through his written statement.

Aan explained that the IKL is an indicator to determine the level of security, safety and law enforcement in Indonesian waters and Indonesian jurisdiction as a whole.

The preparation of the Marine Security Index has referred to the RPJMN 2020-2024 which is one of the five priority policies in the field of national security stability.

According to Aan, the importance of Indonesia’s results in having an IKL is as a material for the preparation of national policies and national development plans, and can be used as monitoring the performance achievements of ministries / institutions and local governments, in order to obtain the effectiveness of the implementation of security, safety and law enforcement in Indonesian waters and Indonesian jurisdiction.

The marine security index is measured from six dimensions, namely patrol capacity, monitoring capacity, crime control, law violation control, pollution control and safety control at sea.

“It is known that the result of the total calculation of the Indonesian Maritime Security Index in 2022 is 53, meaning that the condition of Indonesia’s marine security is quite under control,” concluded Aan. ( Humas Bakamla RI).


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