LPEI’s Foreign Exchange Village Program delivers Indonesian coffee to Egypt

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – The Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI) / Indonesia Eximbank Foreign Exchange Village Program has again recorded success. The Subang Coffee Foreign Exchange Village through the Gunung Luhur Berkah Producer Cooperative successfully released exports of robusta coffee superior commodities with a volume of 19.2 tons to Egypt.

Head of the LPEI Advisory Services Division Gerald Grisanto said, this export was the second time that had been carried out by the Gunung Luhur Berkah Producer Cooperative. He added, since the assistance and training that LPEI has provided to Subang coffee farmers, the amount of village income has increased by 60% from before.

“LPEI as a Special Mission Vehicle of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance continues to open wide the export potential of regional superior commodities through the Foreign Exchange Village program. Through this program, we are committed to creating a sustainable export ecosystem to create crop certainty for farmers,” Gerald said in a written statement received on Saturday (30/12/2022).

The hope, continued Gerald, is that the Foreign Exchange Village program can improve the welfare of villagers and strengthen the quality and quantity as well as the competitiveness of commodities in accordance with export standards so that they can continue to exist at the global level.

Apart from robusta coffee, this Foreign Exchange Village has another superior commodity, namely arabica coffee, which has also been successfully exported as much as 18 tons to Saudi Arabia in 2021. The coffee commodity is cultivated by 208 farmers under the auspices of the Gunung Luhur Berkah Producer Cooperative spread across 6 villages, namely Cisalak, Nagrak, Cupunagara, Darmaga, Sukakerti, and Pasanggrahan.

Gerald continued, the Foreign Exchange Village program has been tailored to the needs of Subang coffee farmers and cooperatives in managing production land and running their business. “The Subang Coffee Foreign Exchange Village assistance is focused on three aspects, namely market access, production capacity, and financial recording. The training we provide is expected to expand export market access, improve the ability to cultivate and process coffee plants, and improve financial reporting procedures,” Gerald explained.

Going forward, LPEI will continue to take concrete steps in creating export ecosystems formed from villages in various regions in Indonesia that are able to consistently contribute to increasing foreign exchange. This is realized, among others, by providing opportunities for regions that have superior export-oriented products to develop their economic, social and environmental potential for the welfare of their people.

“As a form of support to encourage national exports, LPEI always strives optimally in providing sustainable assistance through the Foreign Exchange Village program in areas with potential export commodities. We hope that the Coffee Foreign Exchange Village in Subang can carry out further exports immediately,” Gerald concluded. ( LPEI).


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