Syamsul Rizal: North Maluku needs an entrepreneurial leader in 2024!

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – North Maluku needs a leader with an entrepreneurial spirit who focuses on regional development planning in 2024-2029.

This was revealed by a young North Maluku figure, Syamsul Rizal. He said that with proper planning and considering the potential and resources owned, North Maluku will be ready to face global challenges.

“Good planning is planning that is carried out based on accurate, valid and accountable data and information. Furthermore, target achievement and data availability are very important main measures,” said Syamsul Rizal, Wednesday (22/2/2023).

He emphasized that future North Maluku development planning must be integrated because regional development is an integral part of national development that can improve people’s welfare.

“The implementation of development must be balanced so that there is no gap between regions due to uneven government attention to each region or the ten municipal districts that North Maluku has,” said the man who is familiarly called SRH.

“I also hope that the future head of the North Maluku region must understand and interpret the essence of granting regional autonomy to regencies and cities by the central government, that financial management is fully in the hands of local governments. Therefore, a good regional financial management system is needed in order to manage decentralized funds in a transparent, economical, efficient, effective and accountable manner,” he added.

One of the implementations of regional autonomy, he said, is the existence of fiscal decentralization, namely the provision of sources of revenue for regions that can be explored and used according to their respective potential.

“Theoretically, the measurement of regional independence is measured by Regional Original Revenue (PAD). The source of PAD comes from local taxes, the results of local levies, the results of regional-owned companies, and the results of processing other separated regional assets and other legitimate regional revenues, “said Syamsul Rizal.

He assessed that regional development in Indonesia is still hampered because of the centralized economic development system.

“In my opinion, the future leaders of North Maluku are those who have an entrepreneurial spirit so that it is not like the current condition, the achievement of development results is felt to be unable to meet the needs of the community to the fullest,” he said.

On the other hand, he continued, there are obstacles, especially in maximizing the potential of natural and human resources and capital resources, which are still faced by policy makers at the provincial and district/city levels.

SRH, who is also the former Chairperson of the DPP KNPI, hopes that in the future, young figures with entrepreneurial spirit will be born in North Maluku.

“My hope is that in the future, North Maluku will be born young figures with entrepreneurial spirit so that all the above problems can be overcome because the leadership of young people with entrepreneurship spirit is much more aggressive,” he said. (


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