Filianingsih Hendarta sworn in as deputy governor of Bank Indonesia

Jakarta, IndonesiaSentinel – Filianingsih Hendarta was appointed as Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia based on Presidential Decree Number 21/P of 2023 dated March 15, 2023. Filianingsih Hendarta’s new position is valid for five years.

Filianingsih Hendarta took the oath of office as Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia in the presence of Vice Chairman of the Supreme Court for Judicial Affairs, Dr. Sunarto, S.H., M.H, Tuesday (18/4/2023).

The following is the composition of the Board of Governors of Bank Indonesia.

Governor: Perry Warjiyo

Senior Deputy Governor: Destry Damayanti

Deputy Governor:
Doni Primanto Joewono
Juda Agung
Aida S. Budiman
Filianingsih Hendarta (


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