During Ramadan 2023, FIF GROUP Distributes 16,640 Takjil in All Branches in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – The month of Ramadan is an opportunity for people to share with the surrounding environment in need. Thankfully, in the first quarter of 2023, the spirit of Indonesia has risen stronger than during the Covid-19 pandemic. The month of Ramadan also brings excitement to welcome the day of victory with others, especially the poor and orphans who are fasting.

As done by PT Federal International Finance (FIFGROUP) which is part of Astra Financial and also one of the subsidiaries of PT Astra International Tbk. Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Peduli program, FIFGROUP distributed 16,640 takjil spread in more than 235 branches throughout Indonesia, including at the head office, with a value of more than Rp340 million from the Sharia Social Fund.

FIFGROUP’s Human Capital (HC), General Support (GS), and Corporate Communication Director, Esther Sri Harjati, said: “Thankfully, FIFGROUP is given the opportunity by God Almighty to always spread goodness and help the surrounding community. Hopefully the distribution of takjil in order to welcome Eid al-Fitr 1444 H can provide benefits, especially for the poor and orphans who are fasting.”

Esther continued, “We hope that what FIFGROUP does will be blessed by Allah Swt.”

The FIFGROUP head office takjil distribution activity began with a silahturahim event and symbolic handover of takjil by FIFGROUP Corporate Social Responsibility Senior Analyst, Dino Saputra, to the Chairman of the Board of Assyafa’at Islamic Education Foundation, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, Iskandar.

“It doesn’t feel like we are getting closer to the day of victory. It feels good and grateful to be able to share happiness and see firsthand the laughter of the orphans at the Assyafa’at Islamic Education Foundation. And hopefully with this distribution, there will also be good communication between the community and FIFGROUP,” Dino said.

The Chairman of the Board of Assyafa’at Islamic Education Foundation, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta, Iskandar, welcomed the takjil distribution activity carried out by FIFGROUP, “Alhamdulilah, FIFGROUP always pays attention, especially to the community around the office. The distribution of takjil is certainly very beneficial for all of us who are fasting. Thank you FIFGROUP, may it always be prosperous.”


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