1,191 People Recovered from COVID-19

Jakarta, IndonesiaSentinel – The daily addition of COVID-19 recovery cases based on data quoted by InfoPublik from the website as of Wednesday (26/4/2023), increased by 1,191 people.

The cumulative number of recovered cases is 6,594,830 people. Meanwhile, the number of daily confirmed positive COVID-19 patients increased by 1,399 and the cumulative number was 6,767,126 cases.

Daily death patients increased by 14 cases and the cumulative number was 161,204 cases. The number of suspects recorded was 1,068 cases and 20,587 specimens were examined.

Meanwhile, the active cases were 11,092 active cases. The regional distribution is still in 34 provinces and 510 districts / cities.

The Ministry of Health continues to urge the public to apply the 3M health protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap, and maintaining distance to break the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

“Stay safe, care for yourself and your family, refrain from gathering, if there is no urgent need to stay at home,” as quoted by InfoPublik through the Ministry of Health’s official statement. (Photo:


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