BNI Optimistic for International Business to Grow Positively

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentiinel – Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI is committed to continuing to encourage network optimization in an effort to increase international business in 2023. The company has set a number of plans and targets to be achieved in this business segment.

Director of Whosale & International Banking BNI Silvano Rumantir in a press release received on Monday (1/5/2023) said BNI’s opportunity to optimize and improve the performance of its overseas branch office (KCLN) network is still wide open.

The company plans to pursue a number of targets, which mainly start from the acquisition of the BNI Top Tier segment debtor business group with a total pipeline of US$825 million.

“Of course we are optimistic about the targets we set to optimize the international banking segment,” he said.

Silvano added that the company will also acquire debtors, both from the supplier side and from the buyer side, BNI Top Tier companies. For this segment, BNI is targeting a distribution pipeline of around US$19 million.

BNI also has a program to acquire non-Indonesia related segments, especially for trade facility, term loan, and investment financing needs. BNI will focus on Top 10 Industry companies and listed companies that have investment grade and stable revenue in that segment.

“We are targeting this segment to make disbursements of around US$ 128.9 million,” said Silvano.

Not only that, continued Silvano, BNI also has a target to participate in syndicated loans for Top Tier customers with a total pipeline of US$ 826.26 million.

The company also conducts financing with a supply chain financing scheme, by providing financing to Top Tier debtor suppliers. BNI estimates that it can take a portion of financing of up to US$ 30 million.

“In the diaspora MSME and Indonesia Related Business segments, as well as MoF, we are targeting to encourage financing of up to US$ 362.9 million. We also open opportunities for cooperation with head office corporate and commercial businesses booked at overseas branch offices or offshore loans,” concluded Silvano.


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