Archipelago’s Tribal Diversity Unifies the Nation

Sorong – Acting Regent of Sorong Yan Piet Moso argued, we in this area have the diversity of the archipelago and almost all of them are here to unite the nation that we continue to maintain the value of togetherness.

For that, to Muslims who have just finished carrying out the Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriyah holiday, I apologize physically and mentally, he said, Saturday (6/5/2023).

“It is worthy of appreciation and pride for all of us for being together in activities to maintain tolerance. While quoting one of our great scholars KH Gusdur, namely if you do good to everyone and do not look at status, and religion teaches the values of a peaceful life and glorifying humans means glorifying the creator,” said Moso.

Noble morals that everyone does are a form of tolerance of religious life. Where we all hope how to knit the diversity of religious life that has been well established we continue to improve.

“It is said that the Religious Harmony Forum is not just a formality. But the most important thing is how we particularize in our daily lives in the smallest community environment,” he recalled. (InfoPublik/MC Sorong Regency/Richardson RC Tonda/rim/toeb)


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