National Research and Innovation Agency Awards Outstanding Researchers

Jakarta – Entering its second year, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) honored 12 outstanding researchers. In addition, BRIN also gave awards to researchers who have Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) with the highest royalty value in 2022.

The BRIN Researcher Awards and Intellectual Property Awards for 2023 were held on Sunday (7/5/2023) at the BRIN Administration Area in Thamrin, Jakarta.

Exactly on April 28, two years ago, was the beginning of a new chapter in Indonesia’s research and innovation journey. A strong basis for change through Presidential Regulation Number 78 of 2021 as a derivative of Law Number 11 of 2019 article 48 mandates BRIN as an institution that carries out research, development, assessment, and application, as well as integrated invention and innovation.

“We realize that even though it has been running for two years, change requires strong commitment, determination, and persistence of the entire BRIN community without exception. These three things are the strengths in the unification of multiple entities,” BRIN Head Laksana Tri Handoko said in a written statement in Jakarta, Sunday (7/5/2023).

He continued, the second anniversary of BRIN’s action carried a more enthusiastic spirit in improving the quality of research and collaboration with the public. “Because BRIN does not only belong to researchers, but to all Indonesian people. That is what makes BRIN unique, where the public can participate in enjoying an inclusive research ecosystem,” he said.

BRIN’s researchers and research management human resources, Handoko continued, have shown dedication and persistence, contributing to the utilization of science and technology (science and technology) in Indonesia. “So, it is important for BRIN to give appreciation to BRIN people who have shown achievements,” Handoko said.

Furthermore, he revealed, BRIN exists for all researchers in Indonesia, both from academia and industry. “BRIN belongs to all of us, to strengthen the national research and innovation ecosystem to be able to compete, as well as collaborate with global competitors and partners,” he said.

Handoko reviewed, in 2022, while completing the remaining integration process, BRIN has fully executed all ecosystem strengthening programs, namely the provision of research and innovation infrastructure that is open to all parties, eight researcher mobility schemes including continuing the recruitment of 500 young researchers with doctoral qualifications, nine research funding schemes to support activities from upstream research to research-based product development in industry, and increased collaboration and partnerships with various parties at home and abroad.

“Throughout 2022, the increase in researcher productivity was very evident. 560 new intellectual properties have been registered, 3,000 global indexed publications have been published with an impact of 26,000 citations. Another impactful achievement is that 58 licenses and technology transfer have been obtained to 350 partners,” he explained.

“We still have a long way to go, to truly become a lever and enabler of science and technology-based economic progress in Indonesia,” he concluded.

Acting. Edy Giri Rachman Putra, BRIN’s Deputy for Science and Technology Human Resources, said that the BRIN 2023 Researcher Award is an award given to researchers with the highest output achievements, including Minimum Work Results (HKM), Minimum Performance Outputs (KKM), and their research track records at each Research Center. “The highest output achievement is calculated by accumulating output for a year in 2022,” he explained.

Edy said, the BRIN Researcher Award is held annually as a series of BRIN Anniversary. “BRIN feels the need to give the highest award on an ongoing basis to researchers within BRIN who have a good research track record, and are able to contribute to producing innovations that have an impact on the advancement of science and technology,” he continued.

The award aims to encourage and motivate BRIN researchers to have a good research track record, and further increase output-based productivity, with the accumulation of the last year’s output.

The BRIN Researcher Award categories include 12 Research Organizations within BRIN, namely research related to aviation and space; nuclear power; energy and manufacturing; earth and maritime; biology and environment; electronics and informatics; social sciences and humanities; archeology, language, and literature; health; nanotechnology and materials; agriculture and food; governance, economy, and public welfare.

In addition, BRIN will announce the Intellectual Property Award 2023. The Intellectual Property Award is given to researchers within BRIN based on the achievement of the highest royalty value accumulatively for one year in 2022.

“The Intellectual Property Award is an appreciation in the form of awards to researchers within BRIN who have innovations that are utilized by the community, and contribute to the development of science and technology. This aims to encourage researchers within BRIN to be able to make the latest innovations that can be utilized by a wide audience,” Edy explained.

The 2nd Anniversary of BRIN in action is also a momentum to convey information that this year will again be held the largest research and innovation exhibition in Indonesia, Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo (InaRI Expo) 2023, in September, at ICC BRIN Building, Soekarno Science and Technology Area (Cibinong Science Center). The theme is Research and Innovation for Better Future.

This information is also an invitation for the entire community and media crews to enliven the event, as a follow-up to the success of last year’s InaRi Expo.

The 12 BRIN Researcher Awardees for 2023 are:

  1. Dr. Fairul Zabadi Researcher, Associate Expert Researcher, Center for Language, Literature and Community Research. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 1, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 3, c) Active in literacy activities for language and literature, d) H-index Scopus: 0, e) H-index Scholar: 3. Language and literature research field.
  2. Prof. Dr. Widya Fatriasari, S.Hut. M.M., Principal Expert Researcher, Biomass and Bioproducts Research Center. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 18, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 7, c) 16 patents (registered), d) 8 external funding, e) 5 industrial collaborations, f) H-Index scopus 14, g) Implemented Technology: 1 (biomedical pulp from rice straw), Biomass and Bioproducts research field.
  3. Yuliar Firdaus, Ph.D. Junior Expert Researcher, Electronics Research Center. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 12, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 1, c) Internal Funding: 2, d) External Funding: 3, e) H-Index Scopus: 23. Research fields of Solar Cells and optoelectronics.
  4. Agung Dwi Laksono, SKM, M.Kes, Associate Researcher, Center for Public Health and Nutrition Research. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 23, b) Scopus Index: 14, c) External Funding: 1. Humanities and Health Management research field.
  5. Dr. Teguh Wahyono, S.Pt, M.Si, Junior Expert Researcher at the Food Technology and Process Research Center. Description of performance achievements: a) Acquisition of research cooperation funds or research collaboration (domestic / foreign): FAO (9000 EURO) and RIIM (79 million), b) Patents: 2 (registered), c) License: 1, d) As PJ and member -h index GS: 9, e) High Reputation Journal (Scopus): 5, f) Best oral presenter in the 5th Animal Production International Seminar (APIS), g) H-Index scopus: 4. Research field Animal Product.
  6. Dr. Phil Hendris Wongso, S.Si. Junior Expert Researcher at the Research Center for Radioisotope Technology, Radiopharmaceuticals and Biodosimetry (PRTRRB). Description of performance achievements: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 7, b) RIIM external funds (400 million) + 62 million IAEA Fellowships, c) H-Index scopus: 5. Chemistry and Molecular Bioscience Research Field.
  7. Farohaji Kurniawan, S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D. Associate Expert Researcher Aviation Technology Research Center / Description of performance achievements: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 1. b) Patent: 3 (registered), c) copyright: 4, d) Successful chairman of International Seminar on Aerospace Science and Technology (ISAST) (annual seminar of Indonesian aerospace ecosystem), e) External Funding: RIIM (1.2 M), f) Prototype: 1 (SAR Sensor), f) H-Index scopus :7. Research field Remote Sensing.
  8. Nidya Judhi Astrini, S.E., M.B. Junior Expert Researcher at the Center for Behavioral and Circular Economic Research. Description of performance achievements: a) Highly reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 2, b) Active in conducting research and publications in the field of behavioral management. c) H-Index Scopus: 9. Research fields of Human Resources Management, Quality Management.
  9. Ali Rahmat, Ph.D Junior Expert Researcher at the Limnology and Water Resources Research Center. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 7 journals, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 10, c) H-Index Scopus: 9. Biological Environment research field.
  10. Dr. Dedi Supriadi Principal Expert Researcher Center for Research on Society and Culture. Description of performance achievement: a) High Reputation Journal (Scopus): . b) Scopus H-Index: 15. Research field Anthropology.
  11. Dr. Edi Kurniawan, S.T., M.Eng Principal Expert Researcher of Photonics Research Center. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 9, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 9, c) Patent: 4 (registered), d) H-Index Scopus: 9. Research field Control System.
  12. Ahmad Fudholi, Ph.D. Junior Expert Researcher at the Energy Conversion and Conservation Research Center. Description of performance achievement: a) Highly Reputable Journal (Scopus): 40, b) Highly Reputable Proceedings (Scopus): 1, c) Patent: 1 (registered), d) H-Index scopus: 30. Renewable Energy research field.

While the recipient of the intellectual property award in 2023:

  1. Ir. Basril from the Radiation Process Technology Research Center, Nuclear Power Research Organization. Name of technology/ IPR: Irradiated Pericardium Membrane Manufacturing Process. Registration number/IP certificate IDP000063846. Short description: Pericardium membrane is derived from the wrapping membrane of bovine heart with high collagen content.
  2. This collagen is widely utilized, especially as a Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) or Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) membrane in the dental field. Preparation of demineralized bone graphs with bonegraft sterilization process using gamma radiation. This product has been widely utilized in medical circles, especially in dental and orthopedic surgery. Name of License Partner PT Focustindo Cemerlang. Receipt of PNBP License/Royalty 500,000,000.


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