BNI Tokyo Co-Branding Remittance Card with Garuda Indonesia

Jakarta – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI, Tokyo Branch signed a Co-Branding Remittance Card Cooperation Agreement with Garuda Indonesia Tokyo.

The signing of this cooperation was carried out in conjunction with the commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association in Japan (APIJ). APIJ is a professional organization that acts as a catalyst for diaspora business people in economic and trade cooperation between Indonesia and Japan.

Present at the event were Deputy Ambassador John Tjahjanto Boestami, APIJ Chairman Tan Ui Sian, Executive Director of Japan Indonesia Association (JAPINDA) Norio Yamazaki, Representatives of Bank Indonesia and Pertamina Tokyo as well as APIJ members.

In a BNI press release received on Tuesday (9/5/2023), Deputy Ambassador John Tjahjanto Boestami said he was very optimistic that this cooperation program was a product that could be used and was very useful for Indonesian citizens in Japan.

“In addition, of course, it also contributes to advancing our two BUMNs, namely BNI and Garuda. So we must be proud to use Indonesian products which in turn will help advance the nation and state of Indonesia,” said John.

The cooperation between BNI and Garuda Indonesia is the initial stage for a broader cooperation scheme in the future.

BNI General Manager International Yogi Bima Sakti said, this Co-Branding is a synergy between two BUMNs which is expected to increase remittance transactions and the use of airline flight services.

With this cooperation, BNI hopes that remittance transactions from Indonesian citizens in Japan will increase, and on the other hand it is expected to have an impact on increasing Garuda Indonesia airline passengers.

“We certainly welcome the opportunity for cooperation. It is a collaborative step from two SOEs to improve their respective performance,” he said. (InfoPublik/Photo: BNI).


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