Riau gymnast Abiyu Rafi wins silver medal at Cambodia SEA Games

Pekanbaru – The target of Riau gymnast, Abiyu Rafi, to contribute media for the Indonesian contingent at the SEA Games XXXII, finally materialized.

Abiyu who dropped in the Single Cross number won a silver medal. He narrowly lost to a Vietnamese gymnast who won the gold medal.

Abiyu is one of 8 Riau athletes, who strengthened the Indonesian national team at the Cambodia SEA Games. Abiyu dropped in the individual numbers of Single Crossbar and Saddle Horse. In the Saddle Horse number he failed to win gold, and lost to Vietnamese and Thai athletes.

“Alhamdulillah, I managed to donate a silver medal to the Indonesian contingent. Thank you for the prayers from the people of Indonesia and Riau, who have prayed for me, as well as the Riau Gymnastics coach,” Abiyu said, when contacted Tuesday (9/5/2023).

Riau Gymnastics Coach Ahmad Markos, said he had predicted that Abiyu would achieve great achievements for the Indonesian national team. For several months undergoing joint training in the national team. This achievement is his first for the international level.

“This is Abiyu’s first international event, and his first time participating in the SEA Games. In the last PON Papua he won a gold medal in the floor number, in Bandung he won three tools directly. His quality is very good and he can be a substitute for men, this is the regeneration of this Putra. He is a Junior athlete, in accordance with the target of the Ministry of Youth and Sports who brought potential athletes even from Junior, and Abiyu proved it, “said Markos.

In addition, it was mentioned that there were eight Riau athletes representing Indonesia at the SES Games in Cambodia including Azzahra Permatahani (Swimming), Ingatan Ilahi (Boxing), Venny Lim and Nanda Rizana (eSports), Abiyu Rafi (Gymnastics), Wan Annisa Rachmadani and Muhammad Hafiz (Takraw), and Maizir Riyondra (Rowing).

Meanwhile, the National Sports Committee (KONI) of Riau Province, Iskandar Hoesin, was grateful for Abiyu’s achievement. He hopes that Abiyu’s silver medal can be followed by other Riau athletes who strengthen Timas, such as Riau rowing athlete Maizir, Riau swimmer Azahra, and other athletes.

“Of course we are grateful for Abiyu’s achievements, hopefully other athletes will also contribute medals to the Indonesian national team. Thank you to Riau athletes who have brought the good name of Indonesia, and also Riau,” said Iskandar Hoesin. (InfoPublik)


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