Ministry of Industry’s Vocational School in Aceh Becomes a Center for Palm Oil Processed Product Innovation

Jakarta – The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) continues to focus on implementing downstream industrial policies to increase the added value of domestic raw materials. This strategic step has proven to be able to boost the economy of the local area which has led to the welfare of the community.

“In an effort to implement industrial downstreaming, competent human resources (HR) are needed. For this reason, the Ministry of Industry continues to encourage the development of industrial human resources, one of which is through competency-based vocational education and training,” said the Head of the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) of the Ministry of Industry, Masrokhan, in Jakarta, Wednesday (17/5).

Masrokhan said that one of the Ministry of Industry’s BPSDMI vocational education units, SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh, has an important role as a provider of competent industrial labor, including supporting the palm oil processing industry sector.

“To strengthen the agricultural sector in Aceh, SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh specializes in processing palm oil-based products,” he said. In the first quarter of 2023, Aceh’s economy grew by 5.78 percent (year on year/yoy), with the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sector supporting 29.61 percent.

The Head of BPSDMI emphasized that SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh also plays a role as a center for technological innovation to support the development of palm oil processing industry products. “We hope SMK SMTI Banda Aceh can develop applied research through cooperation with the industrial sector, including small and medium industries in applying R&D results,” he said.

In addition, SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh functions as a service center for industry players in the form of competency certification services, production services, and testing services. “It is hoped that SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh can inform the wider community to know the advantages of SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh. I have seen its superiority firsthand some time ago,” he added.

Currently, SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh has three competencies, namely Industrial Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Industrial Mechanical Engineering. The SMK uses the concept of dual system education with 70 percent practice and 30 percent theory.

“This school implements a curriculum based on the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI). Graduates of SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh are included in competency certification so that their expertise is guaranteed and their career prospects are brighter,” said the Principal of SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh, Junaidi.

Until now, the number of students of SMK SMTI Banda Aceh is 748 people, and in 2022 has graduated 224 students. The majority of these graduates have worked directly in the industry, and the rest have continued their higher education and some have run entrepreneurs.

“Another advantage of SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh is cooperation with industry. This cooperation includes curriculum development, teachers from industry, industrial work practices, industrial staff training, joint research, absorption of graduates,” continued Junaidi.

SMK-SMTI Banda Aceh is currently opening new student registration through JARVIS (Industrial Vocational Acceptance Pathway). For those who want to register, you can visit the page without registration fees. (InfoPublik/Photo: Special)


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