Huawei Initiates Asia-Pacific Highway, Waterway and Port Alliance

Shenzhen – Huawei and its 10 partners jointly launched the APAC Smart Road, Waterway, and Port Alliance at the Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023.

Building on the experience and capabilities of Huawei and its partners, the alliance aims to establish globally competitive key infrastructures, and provide a collaboration platform for partners across the Asia Pacific.

“The Asia Pacific region is one of the most economically and culturally dynamic regions. This alliance is a testament to the deepening cooperation between Huawei’s Smart Road, Waterway, and Port business unit and its partners,” said York Yue, CTO of Huawei Smart Road, Waterway, and Port Business Unit.

Those present at the launch ceremony included PT MODULE INTRACS YASATAMA, TERAS Teknologi Sdn Bhd, NCS PTE. LTD, Mesiniaga Berhad, Boardware Information System Limited, Maxvision Technology Co., Ltd, Beiming Software Co., Ltd, Beijing RHY Technology Development Co., Ltd, Yantai Huadong Electron Technology Co., Ltd, Xiamen Lenz Communication Co., Ltd, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

“Highways, waterways, and ports are key infrastructures that not only realize national development, but also drive the development of industries, economies, and supply chains,” said Jackie Miao, Director of Transportation, Asia Pacific Enterprise Business Group (APAC EBG) during one of the sessions titled Digital Technology Empowers the Highway, Waterway, and Port Industry.

Jackie highlighted the intelligent transportation solution (ITS) and introduced a front-end sensor-based safety management solution that uses AI to identify 4 categories and 18 types of traffic rule violations.

Meanwhile, the big data-based vehicle management solution is able to analyze the types of vehicles passing by and provide early warnings regarding potential congestion. This solution is combined with a traffic management solution that can detect traffic in real-time, control signs, monitor various operational indicators, and issue traffic information and guidance to reduce congestion.

“To gradually realize smart highways, we need to leverage an expanding ecosystem of partnerships. While learning from each other, we are also accessing new markets and strengthening our credibility. Our main focus is to provide the best user experience,” Anwar Ishak, CEO of TERAS said.

“Huawei has always adhered to the principles of Openness, Cooperation, and Shared Success. We look forward to increasing cooperation with our partners in consulting, planning, design, investment and financing, construction, operations, and digital talent development,” York Yue added.


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