Aceh Coffee Car Festival in Takengon Draws Attention of Visitors

Takengon, InfoPublik – Entering the third or final day of the Aceh Coffee Car Festival, hundreds of visitors were seen starting to crowd the festival site at Musara Alun Field, Takengon, Central Aceh Regency.

Although the weather was a bit cloudy, but the enthusiasm of visitors on Saturday afternoon (5/20/2023), did not subside. Especially since this afternoon, the main stage began to feature Tanoh Gayo musicians and vocalists, which added to the lively festival.

Young visitors were enthusiastic about watching the art performances, while adult visitors mostly watched the performances from chairs provided by the festival’s coffee cars while enjoying Gayo arabica coffee. Some female visitors preferred to wander around the UMKM stands selling various regional superior products.

Tonight, visitors are expected to flock because the festival’s closing ceremony coincides with the weekend and will be enlivened by music concerts from a number of local musicians such as Ervan Ceh Kul, Gabila 82 and the traditional art performance of didong Gayo.

The Coffee Car Festival in Aceh and MSME Leading Product Bazaar organized by the Central Aceh District Tourism Office (Dispar) for three days from 18-20 May 2023, is one of the efforts to revive the tourism sector and foster the stretch of MSMEs in the area with cool air.

Through this festival, it is expected that there will be an increase in the number of tourists outside the region, so as to drive the regional economy.

In addition, this festival is one of the efforts of the Central Aceh District Government to boost the marketing of Gayo arabica coffee in the country, because so far the domestic market for this superior product of the Gayo highlands is still minimal compared to the export market abroad. So far, Gayo arabica coffee is better known in various parts of the world, while the domestic market has only reached big cities.

During the three days of the Coffee Car Festival, there was enough appreciation from visitors, both from within and outside the region. Visitors from outside the region, besides being able to taste the delicious Gayo coffee in this festival, can also take advantage of this visit to visit several tourist attractions around the city of Takengon.

The crowds of visitors from outside the region are evidenced by the full lodging places, both hotels and homestays around the city of Takengon.

While for local residents, this event can be a vehicle for family entertainment, by watching art performances while enjoying a variety of typical Gayo culinary offerings.

Based on the observations of the MC Central Aceh coverage team this evening, visitors have begun to crowd the festival area and the UMKM bazaar stand. It is estimated that visitors on this last night will reach thousands of people, because the location of the festival at the Musara Alun field, indeed allows it to accommodate thousands of people.

Meanwhile, on the main stage, musicians have been seen preparing to perform on the closing night of the All-Aceh Coffee Car Festival.

According to information from the committee, tonight the champions of the coffee car festival, barista competition and the best UMKM stand will be announced, as well as the awarding of prizes and awards for the champions. (Fathan Muhammad Taufiq/InfoPublik)


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