ASEAN becomes a new force for world political stability

Jakarta, InfoPublik – Political expert and academic at Bengkulu University, Panji Suminar, said that after the ASEAN Summit, Southeast Asia would become a new force that could maintain world political stability outside the two existing blocs, West and East.

“With the strength and collaboration between countries in the ASEAN region after this summit, it should be able to become a new force equal to the two blocs, West and East. Become a new world political power, which of course still adheres to the character of being free and active, competitive, and not pulled by one of the blocks, must be non-aligned,” Panji said through his written statement, Saturday (5/20/2023).

With these principles and characters and the influence that has been built on the foundation through the ASEAN Summit this year, said Panji, the two major blocs in the world will now see ASEAN as a new force that cannot be underestimated.

Panji argued that ASEAN’s currently stable political and security situation has made countries in the region stronger.

According to him, economic conditions that are also growing and the cooperation of countries in the region in strengthening the economy can create regional political stability.

“The region is safe, not becoming a new axis of conflict,” he said.

Meanwhile, the two blocs are not doing well, the competition between America and China, the Russia-Ukraine war that affects Europe and the world, certainly disrupts political stability and security in the two blocs.

“ASEAN is relatively safe. Therefore, ASEAN can become a new world power, a world reference in maintaining political stability,” he said.

As long as, continued Panji, collaboration, cooperation, bilateral relations, and various agreements in the ASEAN Summit are actually realized by countries in the region and carried out sustainably.

Panji emphasized that countries in the region must be responsible, realize agreements, help each other, and strengthen each other.

“The summit should not only be a ceremonial event for regional countries,” he said.

Previously, the 42nd ASEAN Summit was held in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), on May 10-11, 2023.

A number of issues were discussed, including ASEAN connectivity, ASEAN political and security community, regional and international issues, and several other important issues. (InfoPublik/(ANTARA FOTO/Galih Pradipta/foc.)


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