Iwan Sumule – Mujib Hermani Re-elected to Lead ProDem Activist Network

Jakarta, Indonesia Sentinel – Iwan Sumule and Mujib Hermani have been re-elected as Chairman and Secretary General of the Pro Democracy Network (ProDem) organization for the 2023-2026 term.

Both were elected by the consensus of the ProDem Network which was led directly by seven ProDem figures, such as Taufik Rahzen (Repertoar), Easter Irianto, Siti Soedjanti, Swary Utami Dewi Standaria Latien, Effendy Saman and Rinjani.

As well as 33 members of the ProDem Senators who participated in the ProDem Convention held at the Democratic Consolidation House (RKD) Jalan Veteran I/26 Gambir Jakarta, Saturday (5/20/2023).

“This convention aims to make policies about sustainable networks and political directions that will be taken in the next three years,” said Mujib after the convention to reporters, Saturday (5/20/2023).

He added, in this convention, apart from electing the chairman and Secretary General, it was also decided to form a Political Action Committee (KTP). In order to discuss and determine the direction of the network’s goals with the hope that senators can be involved and contribute.

Mujib said, the three committees were the parliamentary committee in charge of encouraging and assisting network activists involved in the contestation of the House of Representatives, the House of Regional Representatives and the Regional House of Representatives. Furthermore, the leadership committee is tasked with encouraging and opening dialog on the direction of national and regional leadership such as Governors, Regents and. Mayor.

“As for the third committee, MetaDemos is tasked with examining and expanding the public imagination about future democracy. By considering new generations, technological developments and global changes,” said Mujib.

“These three committees will start working in August 2023,” he continued.

For information, the convention of the ProDem activist network is a continuation of the talks agreed upon at Joeang 45 Building Jakarta in April 2023. It was attended by seven ProDem figures and senators before establishing Iwan and Mujib as Chairman and Secretary General at the convention in Veteran.


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