BRIN Promotes Action to Save and Sustainably Utilize Biodiversity

Jakarta – In commemoration of International Biodiversity Day 2023, the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) organized a Biodiversity Week themed “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity” – Embroidering Action to Save and Sustainably Utilize Indonesia’s Biodiversity which was held on Monday, May 22, 2023 at the Green House Biodiversity, BRIN Soekarno Technology Science Area, Cibinong.

Efforts to save Indonesia’s biodiversity have become BRIN’s research priority program. The President has specifically issued instructions for mainstreaming biodiversity. The instruction also outlines the roles of various stakeholders related to the protection, rescue and utilization of biodiversity for sustainable development.

In line with that, BRIN Head Laksana Tri Handoko emphasized that International Biodiversity Day is an important momentum to commemorate biodiversity around the world, especially in Indonesia.

This is because biodiversity is an invaluable wealth for the earth, including important benefits for ecology, economy, and socio-culture. “Today, biodiversity faces serious threats such as climate change, pollution, habitat loss, and exploitation of natural resources are some of the main factors that threaten the sustainability of biodiversity. Therefore, there is a need for collective efforts to protect and preserve biodiversity,” Handoko said, as quoted in a BRIN release in Jakarta, Monday (22/5/2023).

Handoko said that BRIN continues to be committed to adopting sustainable practices, promoting conservation, and raising awareness of the importance of biodiversity through related research conducted by BRIN researchers and scientific discussion forums such as “Biodiversity Week” which is held by involving various related parties.

The implementation of Indonesia’s commitment to the global biodiversity management agreement within the framework of the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF) is not without obstacles and challenges. Institutional capacity, regulatory aspects, program implementation at the site level, coordination between stakeholders and various other issues are challenges in implementing the GBF agreement in Indonesia.

The thing to remember, efforts to save biodiversity will transcend several important decades and cross various generations at various levels of society. Therefore, the spirit to continue to raise awareness, build a vision and mission and create a consistent commitment for the people of Indonesia is very important. This includes the dissemination and exchange of up-to-date information on biodiversity-saving actions that have been carried out both at the national and local levels. This is done as a form of commitment implementation to the international community.

Not only that, the role of technology is also indispensable to maximize efforts to utilize sustainable biodiversity resources. Mastery of key technologies, ranging from genetic data such as genomes and proteins and data-based bioproduct technology must be mastered. This is later expected to be able to become a pioneer in producing innovative products based on Indonesian biological resources that are utilized nationally and even globally.

On the other hand, BRIN Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation Agus Haryono said, “The Deputy for Research and Innovation Facilitation has various research and innovation funding programs in collaboration with LPDP. There are three programs launched, namely, the Award Program for Research and Innovation Drivers for Advanced Indonesia (RIIM), the Health and Food Innovation Product Testing Facilitation Program, and the Research Funding Program in 5 schemes consisting of RIIM-Competition, RIIM-Invitation, RIIM-Expedition, RIIM-PPBR (RIIM-Startup), and RIIM International Collaboration,” he detailed.

“Along with International Biodiversity Day, we will open a Call for Proposals for RIIM-Expedition as a concrete action to utilize and protect Indonesia’s biodiversity. All information will be submitted through our website at,” Agus continued.

To enliven Biodiversity Week, during the week BRIN will organize various interesting events. Among them are the Launch and Socialization of the Research and Innovation Funding Program for Advanced Indonesia (RIIM) Expedition, planting rare trees in the Cibinong Botanical Garden area, signing cooperation agreements with industrial partners and universities, talk shows / speeches attended by experts, and other additional activities in the form of seminars related to biodiversity.


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