Governor Syamsuar Wants Maqari to Become Riau Icon

Pekanbaru, InfoPublik – The Governor of Riau, Syamsuar some time ago officially launched the Riau Qur’an Assembly (Maqari), so he wants the place to print Riau’s young generation who are Qur’anic to become an icon of Bumi Lancang Kuning.

This was conveyed by Governor Syamsuar when attending halal bibahalal with the people of Rokan Hilir, Pekanbaru, at the Aryaduta Hotel Pekanbaru, Sunday (21/5/2023).

Maqari will be a place to produce the young generation of Riau who are Qur’anic, even the Riau Provincial Government has established cooperation with Saudi Arabia for learning.

“Indeed, Maqari is a big work, but if it is done together, God willing, it will be safe, because from this (Maqari) what we want to get is the blessing. I want Maqari to become a Riau icon,” he explained.

Syamsuar said that the establishment of Maqari is one of the many Regional Long-Term Development Plans (RPJPD) 2005-2025.

The vision of Riau Province’s Regional Long-Term Development 2005-2025 is the realization of Riau Province as the Center of Malay Economy and Culture in a Religious, Prosperous and Inner Society in Southeast Asia in 2025.

Therefore, the 2019-2024 Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD), which is part of the vision and mission of the current Governor and Deputy Governor of Riau, aims at the development of the religious field.

“If we develop this (Maqari), then God willing, no one can compete with Riau, because the Qur’an is the center. Riau is a Malay country, while Malay is synonymous with Islam. This cannot be separated. Creating a Qur’anic young generation is my azam,” said Governor Syamsuar.

He explained that creating or preparing a Qur’anic generation is a form of glorifying the words of Allah SWT, so that Riau will always be blessed. “This is one form of preparing a generation of Riau that loves the Qur’an,” said Gubri.

He hopes that in the future more and more Riau children will be motivated to learn and love the Qur’an.(Mediacenter Riau/nv/InfoPublik)


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