Erajaya Digital Presents Smart TV at Erafone Outlets

Jakarta – Erajaya Digital inaugurated the presence of smart TV products offered at selected Erafone outlets by collaborating with leading brands such as LG, Polytron, realme, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL, Toshiba and Xiaomi.

This step is Erajaya Digital’s strategy to present a relevant product portfolio, in line with industry trends in the form of growing internet penetration and over-the-top (OTT) services such as streaming that are increasingly consumed.

Research titled “Future of TV” conducted by The Trade Desk in March 2022 stated that 1 in 3 Indonesians consumed OTT content in the form of streaming services and the growth reached 40% compared to the previous year1 . Also citing a report from mTraction Enterprise, OTT services that provide a good experience for users are a driving factor for the adoption of smart TV devices2.

Joy Wahjudi, CEO of Erajaya Digital, said, “We see several factors driving smart TV adoption in Indonesia, such as diverse and engaging content, increasing disposable income, widespread availability of high speed networks and improving internet speeds and increasingly affordable device prices.

The presence of smart TVs in Erafone’s retail network will make it easier for our customers to get devices to enjoy OTT content, such as streaming services. We are confident that a portfolio that is relevant to customer needs will make Erafone a retail network that is loved by consumers.”

Smart TV products are currently available in 75% of Erafone outlets in Indonesia and will gradually follow for all existing outlets. Loyal customers can enjoy promos to welcome the presence of this new product such as discounts for certain models that are valid until May 31, 2023. Erafone also offers a trade-in promo for a maximum of five products (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, earbuds and/or laptop) to get a special smart TV price.


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