Guardian’s Innovations Give Trending Beauty Products a Fuller Lineup

Jakarta – Guardian, the leading modern health and beauty retailer from PT Hero Supermarket Tbk (HERO Group) is back with a “Trending Products” category with a wider selection of beauty products and updates. The range of skincare and cosmetic products, which went viral on TikTok social media from various well-known beauty brands such as Somethinc and The Originote and several other leading brands are now fully available in all Guardian Indonesia stores.

Malvin Tarigan, Head of Marketing Guardian Indonesia said, “After a successful launch in November 2022, this time Guardian again presents a series of quality skincare and cosmetic products that have become the most wanted and best-selling beauty products on TikTok social media.

“Trending Products” reinforces Guardian’s commitment to focus on innovation, quality and service. We work with leading beauty brands to bring popular and quality products that meet the needs of our customers.”

“The presence of “Trending Products” is also a step in our innovation by not only presenting quality products and at affordable prices, but we understand what customers need and are one step ahead and updated.

Especially with the more complete presence of cosmetic products, so beauty enthusiasts don’t need to worry because the latest “Trending Products” collection is more easily available and available on special displays at Guardian stores throughout Indonesia.” said Malvin.

A variety of viral products from well-known local and international brands have been presented in the “Trending Products” program, some of which are:

SKINCARE Somethinc      Somethinc Calm Down! Series
                                          Calm Down! Skin Barrier Repair Serum
                                          Calm Down! Skin Pair Bubble Cleanser
                                          Calm Down! Skinpair R-cover Cream

The Originote                    The Originote Hyalucera Moisturizer
                                          The Originote Eye Serum
                                          The Originote 2 in 1 Lash and Brow Serum

Skintific                             Skintific Mugwort Acne Clay Stick
                                         Skintific Truffle Biome Skin Reborn Cream Gel Moisturizer
                                         Skintific 3% Tranexamic Acid Advanced Bright Serum

Azarine                             Azarine Cicamide Barrier Sunscreen Moisturiser SPF35 PA+++
                                         Azarine Calm My Acne Sunscreen Moisturiser SPF 35 Pa+++ 40mL
                                         Azarine Limited Edition X Marvel D100 Serum

Hanasui                           Hanasui Collagen Water SPF 30+ PA+++
                                        Hanasui Power Serum

Y.O.U                               YOU Radiance Up Series
                                        YOU Acne Plus

NPURE                          NPURE Licorice Series
                                       NPURE Licorice Potion of Light Serum
                                       NPURE Licorice Light Up Brightening Pad
                                       NPURE Licorice Milky Spotlight Toner
                                       NPURE Licorice Creamy Light Moisturizer


Somethinc                     HOOMAN Breathable Cushion Cover SPF 35 PA++++
                                      FOREVER STAY Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
                                      COPY PASTE BREATHABLE MESH CUSHION SPF 33 PA++

Azarine                          Azarine tinted lippie cake
                                      Azarine Oh! So Fine Liner
                                      Azarine Oh! My Brow Definer

Hanasui                        Hanasui Eyetractive Liner Pen
                                     Hanasui Mattedorable Lip Cream Boba
                                     HANASUI SERUM CUSHION

Y.O.U                            YOU Noutriwear series
                                     YOU Cloud Touch Fixing Tint
                                     YOU Stay All Day Pen Eyeliner

Implora                         Implora Jelly Tint
                                     Implora Cheek and Lip tint
                                     Implora Urban Lip Cream Matte

Guardian continues to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience for beauty and health products. “Trending Products” will be available in stores across Guardian Indonesia starting May 18, 2023 which can be found at affordable prices ranging from Rp18,000 to Rp350.000.

In addition, Guardian also provides shopping convenience by being present in more than 320 stores throughout Indonesia, customers can also shop online through the Guardian ID shopping application which can be downloaded through the Google Play Store or App Store, concluded Malvin Tarigan.


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