Minister of Social Affairs: No Intervention to Corruption Eradication Commission

Jakarta – Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini stated that there was no intervention that she could do, during the search of the Ministry of Social Affairs Office by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigators, related to the alleged corruption of social assistance for rice distribution in 2020.

This was conveyed by Minister of Social Affairs Risma, through her written statement, Wednesday (5/24/2023).

Risma confirmed that KPK investigators came to her office, and asked permission to conduct a search in the room of the Secretary of the Directorate General of Social Empowerment (Ditjen Dayasos).

Social Minister Risma admitted that she had skimmed the KPK’s search report, only to the extent that the examination at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office was related to alleged corruption in the distribution of social assistance related to a subsidiary of BUMN Bhanda Ghara Reksa (BGR) Logistics.

“Because I know that I cannot intervene anything there, because I don’t know the problem,” said Social Minister Risma.

Social Minister Risma emphasized that the case that was being investigated by the KPK was not during her tenure as leader at the Ministry of Social Affairs.

However, according to her, there are irregularities in the alleged corruption of rice social assistance for beneficiary families (KPM) of the 2020 Family Hope Program (PKH).

Affairs that should be the authority of the Directorate of Social Protection and Security (DG Linjamsos), but instead become a case at the Directorate General of Dayasos.

“So if friends ask where the problem is, I don’t know. The only thing I know is that this is strange, why is the money in Dayasos participating. But I don’t know what the case was like,” said Risma.

Risma reiterated that after being appointed as Minister of Social Affairs, she carried out the president’s mandate so that assistance for KPM was not distributed in the form of goods, but with money.

Previously, the KPK was investigating the alleged corruption case of rice social assistance for KPM PKH 2020-2021 at the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs.

As a result, the KPK named a number of suspects, one of which was the former President Director of BUMN Bhanda Ghara Reksa (BGR) Logistics Kuncoro Wibowo.

Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office in Jakarta, Wednesday (24/5/2023). (ANTARA/Devi Nindy)


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