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Sharp Indonesia & Kehati Foundation Collaborate to Commemorate Biodiversity Day

Jakarta – PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia as a representative of the corporation deeply understands the important role of biodiversity for an ecosystem that impacts the survival of humans and other living things. The theme of the commemoration of International Biodiversity Day 2023, ‘From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity’, is an invitation for all levels of the world community to immediately take action in conserving biodiversity.

In order to commemorate World Biodiversity Day which falls on Monday (May 22, 2023), Sharp Indonesia participated in activities organized by Yayasan Kehati entitled BW Capnature: Search the Enchantment of Urban Wildlife. BW or Biodiversity Warrior is a youth movement fostered by Yayasan Kehati which aims to popularize Indonesia’s biodiversity, both in terms of uniqueness, potential, benefits, and preservation.

Located in Langsat Park and Ayodya Park, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Sharp Indonesia together with its fostered community. Sharp Greenerator, BW members of campus networks, students, environmental communities, and wildlife photography enthusiast groups, explored Langsat Park and Ayodya Park to introduce urban communities to biodiversity in urban environments and record and update biodiversity information in urban areas, where the results will be reported to the DKI Jakarta Environment Agency.

Pandu Setio, Senior PR & Brand Communication Manager, PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia said “Sharp is pleased to be involved in this activity, because it is in line with the company’s vision and mission to make a positive contribution to the environment and society. Activities carried out not only provide education but can also motivate people to take part in carrying out environmental conservation activities, especially biodiversity “.

In this educational activity, all participants were invited to observe and identify what types of birds are in the Taman Langsat and Taman Ayodya areas. In the observations made, various types of birds were found such as Javanese Bondol, Church, Kutilang Chickadees, and eagles that were immigrating.

The participants were equipped with observation equipment such as binoculars and digital SLR cameras to be able to capture clearer images from a distance. “In addition to adding insight, we also had the opportunity to make friends from other campuses. It’s great to get to know and gather with people who have the same passion. Hopefully in the future we can collaborate again by doing a positive action for the environment, “said Raihan, a member of Sharp Greenerator.


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