Telkomsel Presents RoaMAX Hajj Package and Operates GraPARI Makkah & in Arabia

Jakarta – Welcoming the increase in the number of Indonesian pilgrims departing in the 2023 Hajj season, which reached a total of approximately 221,000 pilgrims, Telkomsel presents a solution to communication access needs by launching the RoaMAX Hajj Package and reopening GraPARI Mekkah customer services and a number of Hajj Service Posts, both in Indonesia and in Saudi Arabia, which will operate during the 2023 Hajj season.

Telkomsel is committed to ensuring the convenience and comfort of the Hajj pilgrims to stay in touch with their families and relatives in Indonesia, while opening more opportunities to experience quality communication access and digital activities during the 2023 Hajj season.

RoaMAX Hajj package can be enjoyed by hajj pilgrims using Telkomsel Prepaid and Telkomsel Halo postpaid services. This package can be obtained at an affordable price starting from Rp 450 thousand, which includes internet/data quota of up to 23 GB, voice quota of up to 120 minutes, SMS quota of up to 120 messages, and various validity period options for 20, 30, and 45 days, according to the pilgrims’ needs.

RoaMAX Hajj package can be activated through various channels, starting from UMB service by dialing 26615# directly from the cellphone, MyTelkomsel App, Website, e-commerce services, reseller outlet partners, and GraPARI Telkomsel service points throughout Indonesia.

Telkomsel Vice President Corporate Communications Saki Hamsat Bramono said, “Telkomsel wishes the pilgrims a happy Hajj pilgrimage. As a digital connectivity enabler, Telkomsel is committed to ensuring the fulfillment of quality communication and digital access needs for pilgrims while in the Holy Land, through innovative customer-centric products and services.

Through RoaMAX Hajj Package and the provision of Hajj Service Post, we will continue to open more opportunities to exceed expectations to ensure the comfort and smoothness of the pilgrims’ communication activities during the Hajj pilgrimage, while maintaining friendship with family and relatives in Indonesia.”

For customers who want to activate Telkomsel’s RoaMAX Hajj Package, there is no need to change Telkomsel simcard/card and can immediately enjoy various advantages, such as the ease of setting (reservation) the package activation date, network quality supported by operator partners in Saudi Arabia (STC, MOBILY, and ZAIN), maximum customer service with the support of a free 24-hour Indonesian-language call center abroad via +628110000333, and a maximum daily bill limitation when customers forget to activate the package. In addition to the Holy Land, RoaMAX Hajj Package can be used in all transit countries, starting from Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Oman, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia.

To help customers’ needs while in the Holy Land, Telkomsel operates five customer service points in Saudi Arabia, which include two points in Medina City, namely at Tabah Tower Hotel and Amjad Al Garaa Hotel, and three points located in Makkah City, namely GraPARI Makkah at Zam-Zam Tower, Al Kiswah Tower 4 Hotel, and Arkan Bakkah 2 Hotel.

Along with the departure of the first batch of Hajj pilgrims, starting May 23, 2023, Telkomsel will also present Hajj Service Posts at 14 embarkation points in Indonesia, including in the Aceh Region, Medan, Batam, Padang, Palembang, Jakarta (Pondok Gede), West Java (Bekasi), Solo, Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Makassar, Lombok, and Kertajati. The Hajj Service Post in Indonesia will serve various information needs, activation requests, and other requests related to Telkomsel products and services, before leaving for the Holy Land.

“The presence of GraPARI Makkah and Hajj Service Posts in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia can also serve as an information center from the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia to pilgrims related to Indonesian Hajj services, as well as helping the government’s service commitment to ensure the implementation of Hajj in 1444H/2023 which is elderly-friendly, starting from Hajj ritual activities, the moment of departure from the country, and during the pilgrimage period in the Holy Land.

We hope that Telkomsel’s comprehensive solution support can help increase the focus of the congregation in performing the Hajj pilgrimage solemnly and returning to the country safely as Haji Mabrur,” concluded Saki.


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