MMS Group Indonesia Preserves Dayak Kenyah Cultural Heritage in East Kalimantan

Samarinda – MMS Group Indonesia (MMSGI) through PT Multi Harapan Utama (MHU) fully supports the development of Lung Anai Village. This Dayak Kenyah tribe village is located in the Sungai Payang area, Loa Kulu District, Kutai Kartanegara which is about 30-kilometers from Samarinda.

Lung Anai Village has the allure and potential to become a community-based tourism destination. Like Bali and Lombok, tourism trends are now shifting from natural panoramas to cultural richness.

Every May, the village holds cultural rituals to celebrate the harvest. One of the ceremonies is the making of Undrat, a food made from rice that is pounded and sifted and then burned in bamboo.

A unique process characterized by the Dayak Kenyah tribe, Undrat caught the attention of the Kutai Kartanegara Regional Government in 2007 to make Lung Anai a tourism village. This was supported by the recommendation of the Dayak elders that Lung Anai Village be named a cultural reserve.

Lung Anai Village has economic potential due to its proximity to IKN, but there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome. “MMSGI-MHU’s role is focused on human resource development and community development so that they have new skills and are able to manage this cultural tourism village. We hope that in the future they can live better and not depend on land for farming,” said Wijayono Sarosa, General Manager of Mining Support MHU.

MMSGI-MHU partnered with the Samarinda State Polytechnic, Department of Tourism and the Sekar Medika Foundation of Samarinda to guide villagers to analyze tourism potential and increase awareness and capacity of the Lung Anai Village community.

MMSGI-MHU also works with the Kutai Kartanegara Tourism Office, the Indonesian Businesswomen’s Association (IWAPI), and the East Kalimantan chapter of the Indonesian Recreation Park Business Association (PUTRI) to expand the promotional reach of Lung Anai Cultural Village.

Through a well-managed Community Development and Empowerment program, MHU prioritizes the cultural assets and group identity of the Dayak Kenyah Tribe without changing the atmosphere of local wisdom. These development activities involve local residents in planning, managing and discussing opinions. It aims to improve community welfare, including preserving the environment and culture.

“The initiative taken by MMSGI-MHU regarding the development of the Dayak Kenyah cultural heritage is in line with the development of IKN. Lung Anai Village will be the destination of choice in the future. For that, it needs careful and targeted preparation,” said Adri Martowardojo, MMS Group Indonesia representative.


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