Predicted 4,500 Buddhists Attend 2567 Vesak Celebration at Borobudur

Jakarta – Director General of Buddhist Public Guidance of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Supriyadi, said that the peak of the Vesak Day celebration 2567 B.E/2023 AD will be centered at Borobudur Temple. Around 4,500 Buddhists are predicted to attend the celebration.

Not only followed by people from Indonesia, people and monks from a number of countries will also attend Borobudur Temple.

According to him, religious momentum such as Vesak must be used to strengthen and reinforce a sense of togetherness among Buddhists and other religious communities in Indonesia.

This was said by the Director General of Buddhism of the Ministry of Religion Supriyadi together with Special Staff for Communication and Media Wibowo Prasetyo during the Press Media Gathering in Jakarta, Friday (26/5/2023).

“We all have a big task to interpret the great day of Vesak. Of course it needs to be realized in the form of togetherness. Because, the message of the Minister of Religion and the President that a togetherness in harmonious harmony we need to show to all Buddhists in Indonesia,” he said.

For preparations for the peak of the Vesak celebration on June 4, 2023, he said all components were ready. The implementation does not only involve the Ministry of Religion, but the Ministry of BUMN, Walubi, and Permabudhi.

“It is already 90 percent of the preparation, it has all moved, just the implementation later,” he said.

In addition to the people, the Director General also advised the Central Management of the Organization to be able to jointly voice to its members in the regions, namely messages of togetherness knitting and stringing the Buddha Dhamma that has been embedded in the heart of Buddhists.

“If we can all display and show that togetherness is truly natural, not forced,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, Special Staff for Communication and Media Wibowo Prasetyo said that the media is a strategic partner in disseminating information related to the Vesak celebration.

“Therefore, it is important to invite media friends in socializing the celebration of Vesak Day 2567 B.E/2023 AD, as well as publication and education to the public,” he said.

According to him, the public will better understand the meaning of the commemoration of Vesak Day 2567 B.E/2023 AD, to the activities and series of events that will be held with the help of the media.

“God willing, we will help inform positive things so that the commemoration of Vesak Day 2567 B.E. can run smoothly and be carried out well,” he concluded. (InfoPublik)


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