Ida Fauziah: Harmonious Industrial Relations Increase Work Productivity

Jakarta – Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah emphasized the importance of harmonious industrial relations in a company, as it can increase work productivity.

“If harmony is created, then we are sure that work productivity will increase,” said the Minister when attending the Halal Bihalal organized by PT Nestle Indonesia in Jakarta, Friday (26/5/2023).

The Minister explained various efforts that companies can make in creating harmonious industrial relations in the workplace.

The first effort that can be made is to regulate working conditions that contain rights and obligations as well as equal treatment (non-discrimination) in the workplace, including regulating protection in terms of wages, social security and worker welfare.

The second effort is to provide protection to all workers by providing safe, comfortable and conducive working conditions and free from sexual harassment in the workplace.

“That is one of the ways we can increase productivity by creating harmonious industrial relations,” he said.

In addition, on the occasion, the Minister stated that in the near future he would issue regulations related to the prevention of sexual violence in the workplace. One of them is to ensure that sexual violence does not occur in the workplace, among others, there must be a task force.

“With this task force, it is hoped that there will be no barrier for anyone who experiences sexual harassment to speak up about their condition,” she said.


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