Astra Education Festival 2023: The Future of Sustainable Education in Diversity

Jakarta – In line with the commemoration of National Education Day which falls in May, Astra held the Astra 2023 Education Festival with the theme Future of Sustainable Education in Diversity and Equality as a form of support in the field of education which took place at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta (28/5/2023).

Attending the event were Acting Governor of Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono, Director General of Vocational Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture Dr. Ir. Kiki Yuliati M.Sc, Chief of Corporate Affairs Astra Riza Deliansyah and Astra Group Executives.

The aspect of education is one of the main keys in efforts to realize community welfare evenly in accordance with the achievement goals summarized in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In supporting this, Astra is committed to encouraging the creation of an improved quality of education that will have various positive impacts on the development of the quality of Human Resources (HR) in Indonesia through the Astra For Indonesia Cerdas Pillar.

“Astra for Smart Indonesia is clear evidence that the industrial sector and the world of education are a unity. That education is the estuary for the creation of a competent and professional workforce. Appreciation for Astra for its consistency and commitment to the world of education, especially in the province of DKI Jakarta,” said Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta Province Heru Budi Hartono.

“Education is our common breath in shaping humanity that fosters civilization. In building education for the national interest, it certainly requires the role of all parties. We appreciate the activities carried out by Astra because it has assisted the Ministry of Education and Culture in the field of education. Astra’s strong message, Prospering Together with the Nation is in line with the Merdeka Belajar curriculum,” said Director General Kiki.

With Astra’s Philosophy, Catur Dharma, the First Point “Being a Useful Asset for the Nation and State”, Astra is always committed to being able to provide benefits and help develop Indonesia through sustainable social contribution programs that focus on four pillars namely health, education, entrepreneurship and the environment.

“In the Education pillar, Astra has carried out coaching and development that reaches Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Primary and Secondary Education, Higher Education, Special Needs Education to Education for Safe Traffic which has spread across all provinces in Indonesia. This is proof of Astra’s commitment in an effort to realize the achievement of SDGs point 4, namely Quality Education,” said Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah.

There are several series of activities that have been carried out in the 2023 Astra Education Festival such as the 10th Teacher Work Innovation Competition (Linkar), SMK Great Teacher Training, Astra PAUD Training and the Free Children’s Gymnastics Competition with the Spirit of Pancasila Version of Educators in 2023.

Astra Education Festival 2023 presented Education Talk with speakers Education Influencers Hendi Pratama and Tri Adinata, Chairperson of Astra-Michael D. Ruslim Education Foundation (YPA-MDR) Herawati Prasetyo and SATU Indonesia Awards 2022 Appreciation Recipient for Education Bhrisco Jordy. The event was closed with the Awarding of Winners of the 10th Teacher Work Innovation Competition (Linkar) for PAUD, SD, SMP, SMA and SMK categories and the launch of AGEnSI or Astra Green Energy Student Innovation 2023.

This annual festival was enlivened by around 1,000 participants consisting of education activists, environmental activists, students from a number of high schools / vocational schools in Jakarta, educators from a number of Astra-assisted schools and the Astra Group. The event was also filled with exhibitions participated by 13 Astra Groups and Foundations under Astra as well as 10 SMKs from Java Island.

Astra’s efforts to help develop education in Indonesia are in line with Astra’s ideals to Prosper with the Nation and support Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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