Supporting Religious Tourism, OYO Targets to Add Sharia Concept Properties in Indonesia

Jakarta – Indonesia, with a Muslim population of 237 million, has now been designated as the best halal tourism destination in the world. According to the Global Muslim Travel Index or GMTI standard, Indonesia managed to outperform 138 destinations from around the world and get the second rank of world halal tourism in 2022.

As the world’s leading global accommodation platform, OYO continues to mark its success by adding more than 130 sharia-compliant properties since the beginning of 2023, and projects to add 350 properties by the end of this year to complement its existing 850 sharia-compliant properties.

OYO’s commitment to providing sharia-compliant accommodation options for guests in Indonesia will focus on popular religious destinations such as Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, Kediri and Yogyakarta. With facilities and services designed to meet the needs of tourists, OYO also wants to increase the potential of religious tourism charms such as the Bandung Al-Jabbar Mosque, Istiqlal Mosque, Sunda Kelapa Grand Mosque in Jakarta, Golden Dome Mosque, and Sunan Gunung Jati Tomb in West Java, Demak Great Mosque, Sunan Giri Tomb, Tuban Great Mosque, Sunan Bonang Tomb in Central Java, and other religious tourism destinations in Indonesia.

This effort is in line with the government’s target to increase Indonesia’s score on the Global Muslim Index standard this year by strengthening the presence of sharia-concept properties and Muslim-friendly hotels. Around 230 mosques in 13 provinces in Indonesia have been released by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries so that the preparation of supporting facilities such as sharia concept accommodation is a focus that will be given great attention. OYO will continue to support the sustainability of this potential to maximize tourism potential.

Hendro Tan, Country Stock and Flow Head Indonesia said, “Domestic tourism in Indonesia is growing rapidly, so the demand for sharia-compliant and Muslim-friendly accommodation is expected to continue to increase. We, continue to strive to help the Indonesian government to maximize the potential of tourism such as religious tourism to further support the growth of the local tourism industry”.

Ms. Dian, owner of Super OYO properties Capital O 3930 Griya Loka Syariah and Capital O 3971 Griya Loka Syariah 1 Sampangan added, “Sharia tourism is becoming one of the travel trends that will add new colors to the tourism industry. Not only that, the segmentation of Muslim consumers and families who want comfortable housing also helps us in market segmentation.

Our partnership with OYO since 2020 has helped our business and increased revenue by 50 percent. We are also proud to join OYO’s growing network of sharia properties in Indonesia.”

Since its establishment in Indonesia in 2018, OYO has recorded 15-fold growth with more than 13 million customers. Not only does OYO plan to continue expanding its property network across Indonesia, it will also provide training sessions for property partners to help them achieve the exclusive Super OYO category that can help partners improve service quality and increase revenue.

As a leading tech-hospitality company, OYO consistently reinforces its identity as a market leader that supports the accelerated achievement of government targets by supporting the implementation of CHSE (Clean, Health, Safety, Environment, and sustainability) on Patron, sanitized stay initiatives at all properties, VaccinAid status for properties with vaccinated staff, and the implementation of contactless check-in to improve the safety and convenience of the stay experience. Customers can also enjoy the OYO Wizard loyalty program for additional special discounts and free stays.


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