Arsjad Rasjid: Indonesia’s Electric Motor Industry Can Grow

Jakarta – Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Arsjad Rasjid said the electric motor industry in Indonesia is capable of developing, with targeted socialization and incentives.

Arsjad said that building an electric vehicle ecosystem cannot be done instantly, there needs to be socialization and education related to technology, quality and carbon emission reduction.

“I think the incentive subsidies for electric motors must be right on target, the socialization must be increased for people who are really interested. This builds a new ecosystem that will build a large industry as well,” Arsjad said during the Indonesia-Saudi Arabia Business Forum in Jakarta, quoted by ANTARA on Tuesday (30/5/2023).

He admitted that currently there are not too many enthusiasts for electric motors, because when they first entered Indonesia, the quality was considered not good but the selling price was quite high. As a result, people are reluctant to buy.

According to Arsjad, the quality of electric motors is getting more sophisticated technologically. In addition, electric motors are more efficient than ordinary motors because they do not use fuel.

“If it’s not right now, because what comes is good world-class production, has good technology. Second, it’s a habit, later you will finally realize that electric vehicles are cheaper than ordinary vehicles. That’s a matter of education,” said Arsjad.

He hopes that the government can continue to socialize electric vehicle incentives. This is because this effort is considered to accelerate the zero carbon emission target by 2060.

In addition, the high public demand for electric motors is considered to have an impact on small and medium industries.

“I am sure the domestic industry can develop. How many domestic companies have made electric motors, for example Alfa, it is 100 percent Indonesian except for batteries, if the battery is already in Indonesia, it is 100 percent Indonesian and the impact will be on small industries, small industries can join because it is an ecosystem,” said Arsjad. (InfoPublik)


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