Vaname Shrimp is Still the Favorite in Gorontalo

Gorontalo City – The vaname shrimp commodity in Gorontalo is still excellent. In addition to its very promising potential, this aquaculture sector can also bring in investors from outside the region.

This was conveyed by the Head of the Gorontalo Province Maritime and Fisheries Service, Sila Botutihe through the Head of the Aquaculture Division and Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products, Fahrul Ulum Amlain, Tuesday (5/30/2024).

“There are approximately 8,000 hectares of vaname shrimp farms that still exist. Alhamdulillah, three investors have entered to develop vaname shrimp in Gorontalo,” he said.

What Fahrul said is in line with the government program. Where investors involve the community to cultivate vaname shrimp in realizing increased health and encourage economic growth in Gorontalo.

“The price of vaname shrimp now ranges from Rp66,700 to Rp67,100. And usually ahead of religious days the price has increased due to increased public demand,” he concluded. (mcgorontaloprov)


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