Weather Changes and Plantation Activities Cause Seaweed Farming to Plummet

Gorontalo City – Weather changes and plantation activities are one of the causes of the decline in seaweed cultivation production in Gorontalo.

The Gorontalo Provincial Maritime and Fisheries Service urges cultivators to anticipate weather change factors.

“Seaweed is very vulnerable to climate influences. When it is hot and then suddenly rains, it will cause vulnerability,” said the Head of Cultivation Fisheries and Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products, Fahrul Ulum Amlain, Tuesday (5/30/2024).

To anticipate this vulnerability, Fahrul explained, the seaweed research workshop had issued a planting schedule. This is done to keep the production value from decreasing.

“Seaweed farmers must be able to pay attention to the planting schedule. Besides that, the cultivators can also see which season is the best for planting seaweed. So that it does not have an impact on the results and the drop in production,” he said. (mcgorontaloprov)


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