Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Collaborates with Traveloka to Offer Ease of Traveling During School Holidays

Jakarta- The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Babaparekraf) collaborated with Traveloka to carry out a Cooperation Agreement to encourage the movement of domestic tourists to meet the target of 1.2-1.4 billion trips to welcome the school holiday period.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy / Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Menparekraf / Babaparekraf) Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno in his statement in Jakarta, Monday (12/6/2023) explained that school holidays are the right time to visit tourist attractions in Indonesia with family. In addition to tourist destinations in Puncak, West Java, which are always a favorite, people can try other leading destinations such as Central Java to the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

“Based on the data we receive, the most visited destinations have the concept of personalize, customize, localize, smaller in size. Because Indonesia’s population is mostly in Java, those in Java will take a school vacation near where they live, about 200 to 250 kilometers by road, this is also part of the Proud to Travel in Indonesia (BBWI) National Movement campaign,” he said.

This collaboration with Traveloka was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement between the Director of Nusantara Tourism Marketing, Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf Dwi Marhen Yono with Traveloka represented by Traveloka’s Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations and Sustainability, Widyasari Listyowulan, which was held at Traveloka Campus, Tangerang, Thursday (8/06/2023).

Director of Nusantara Tourism Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Dwi Marhen Yono said the scope of cooperation with Traveloka this time includes sales promotion activities in the form of sales coupons, media activation both on social media and on the Traveloka platform.

“This domestic market promotion focuses on Indonesian tourist destinations including 10 Priority Tourism Destinations (DPP) and or five Super Priority Tourism Destinations (DPSP) including branding destinations that encourage Gernas BBWI,” he said.

In addition, Traveloka will carry out assistance to Traveloka-assisted tourist villages in terms of managing tourist village content. In the near future, Traveloka will also carry out special promotions for School Holiday in order to welcome the first semester school holidays.

“It is hoped that school children and their families and friends will travel in Indonesia, not just go abroad,” said Marhen.

On the same occasion, Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations and Sustainability Traveloka, Widyasari Listyowulan, explained that as the leading travel platform in Southeast Asia, Traveloka is committed to supporting Kemenparekraf’s programs in reactivating the tourism sector, and promoting sustainable tourism.

Welcoming the mid-year holiday period that coincides with school holidays, Traveloka launched a campaign entitled Now, Not Never, which offers discount promos of up to 70 percent for airline tickets, accommodation, and Xperience bookings from June 12 to July 9, 2023.

“To increase consumer convenience in planning school holidays and mid-year vacations, Traveloka also offers features that emphasize flexibility such as Reschedule +. This feature allows consumers to make broader travel schedule adjustments, not only limited to flight times, but can also freely change destinations to airlines as needed,” he said.

In addition, there is a 100 percent Refund Guarantee (Refundable and Free Cancellation) feature for domestic and international flight ticket bookings, which makes it easy for consumers to get a 100 percent refund if they cancel their tickets or make changes to the schedule as desired by consumers by purchasing additional insurance.


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