South Beach Festival, a Cool Event on the South Coast of Lumajang

Lumajang – The Lumajang district government will have a big event on the south coast. The inaugural event titled South Beach Festival will be held at Watu Pecak Beach, Pasirian on June 23-25, 2023.

“South Beach Festival at Watu Pecak Beach Pasirian, there will be 500 Topeng Kaliwungu dancers, let’s watch and attend the South Beach Festival, there are many activities, kite competitions, fishing competitions, beach cleanup and the peak of Segoro Topeng Kaliwungu, this is cool,” said Lumajang Regent Thoriqul Haq, Monday (12/6/2023).

Meanwhile, the Head of Lumajang District Tourism Office revealed that the South Beach Festival 2023 event is a collaboration of 4 Regional Apparatus. It started with beach cleanup by the Environmental Agency, Kite Festival by the Youth and Sports Agency, Watu Pecak Fishing Tournament by the Fisheries Agency.

“The big event is hundreds of dancers with the beautiful background of Watu Pecak titled Segoro Topeng Kaliwungu, also enlivened by Jaran Kencak,” she said.


Yuli Harismawati also revealed that the event was held to promote the typical cultural arts of Lumajang Regency which was attractively packaged and held at tourist attractions. The public can watch various interesting events that take place for three days for free.

She continued, the whole event was held in a tourist spot, Watu Pecak was chosen because it was well organized. Therefore, his party really appreciates the village government and pokdarwis who have organized it well, the access is good, the amenity is also there so as to increase the enthusiasm of the local community together with the village to develop this tourism.

“Next year we can move it to another place, because there are many beaches in Lumajang, there is Mbah Drajid Yosowilangun Beach, Pandanwangi Savannah and other beaches that can be used for this event,” he concluded. (MC Lumajang Regency/Ydc/An-m)


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