110 Years of Driyarkara, Archives on Driyarkara Exhibited at Sanata Dharma University

Yogyakarta – In commemoration of the 110th Anniversary of N. Driyarkara SJ, Sanata Dharma University (USD) Library in collaboration with the Postgraduate Program and Bookstore held an Archive Exhibition on Driyarkara in the Lobby of USD Central Library Campus II, Mrican, Yogyakarta.

The archives on display are photo archives, textual archives, works, and audio-visual archives. The exhibition was held for one week, from June 13-19, 2023, at 08.00-18.00 WIB.

Head of USD Library, Drs. Paulus Suparmo, M.Hum. said that learning about Driyarkara’s archives can be an inspiration for the younger generation.

“This exhibition can be an inspiration and reintroduce Romo Driyarkara as the founder of Sanata Dharma University,” he said.

Meanwhile, F.X. Mukarto, Ph.D., Director of USD Postgraduate Program expressed his joy and hope for the implementation of this exhibition.

“Of course I feel happy, because this exhibition can finally be realized with the support of the Sanata Dharma University Library. We need to look back at his works. If possible, the works of Romo Driyarkara can be digitized so that they can be read by many people and can be read everywhere,” he said.

The Rector of Sanata Dharma University, Pater Albertus Bagus Laksana, S.J., S.S., Ph.D., in his speech appreciated the initiative of the units at USD to continue to actualize the thought and life of Driyarkara, the founder of Sanata Dharma.

“Thank you to the Postgraduate Program, Library, and Bookstore, who have worked together to organize this exhibition. Romo Driyarkara is the root of Sanata Dharma, which is now 68 years old and will continue for tens or even hundreds of years to come,” said Romo Bagus in his speech.

The opening ceremony was marked with a ribbon cutting by the USD Rector. The exhibition is open to the public and is free of charge. In addition to the exhibition, there is also a book discount program with the theme Driyarkara published by Sanata Dharma Press, which can be purchased at the Campus Store Sanata Dharma.


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