Indonesia Supports Revitalization of Silk and Spice Roads

Jakarta – Indonesia supports the revitalization of the historical meaning of the silk and spice route. This is an effort to strengthen the foundation of progress development in the present and future.

This step makes the path between regions and countries open, not only in the trade sector, but also in the development of education and science, the spread of religion, and cultural acculturation.

“The silk and spice routes are an important part in the development of a pluralistic global civilization,” Vice President Ma’ruf Amin said in a press release during a National Dialogue with the Indonesian Diaspora in Uzbekistan at the Intercontinental Hotel Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Tuesday (13/6/2023).

The Vice President further said that the Silk Road originating from Uzbekistan is important because it is a trade route that opens access between the West and the East.

“It became a transit route for silk routes between the West and the East,” the Vice President said.

Meanwhile, the spice route has listed Indonesia as the center of spice commodities in the constellation of world trade routes in the past. Indonesia is also revitalizing the spice route to repeat the glory of the past in building connectivity between regions through its spices.

“In that spirit, Indonesia encourages the revitalization of the spice route both in terms of economic commodities, cross-island connectivity, and strengthening social relations that are tolerant, moderate and inclusive,” the Vice President said.

“Likewise, Indonesia continues to strengthen its vision as the World Maritime Axis, which is a maritime country that is sovereign, advanced, independent, and strong, and able to make a positive contribution to global and regional peace,” he said.

Closing his remarks, the Vice President also emphasized that through past glories and efforts made in reviving this spirit in the present, Indonesia and Uzbekistan can become two countries that play an important role in the global order.

“We understand that Uzbekistan continues to make efforts to become a regional power in Central Asia. Likewise, Indonesia is strengthening its steps as a regional power in the present and future. I am sure that Indonesia and Uzbekistan are two countries that play a strategic role in the global and regional order in the present and future,” the Vice President concluded.


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