Triv Waives Transaction Fees, Giving Users Big Benefits

Jakarta – Innovation continues in the crypto world, and this time, the crypto and stock trading platform, has listened to their users.

Triv announced that all transactions on Triv Spot, including crypto trades and swaps, can now be enjoyed without additional fees.

Users of crypto exchange platforms know that transaction fees are one of the factors that need to be considered in trading activities, of course, to calculate the profit that will be obtained later.

“With this new change, Triv has provided great benefits for Triv users, which we commonly call Trivers, by eliminating transaction fees that previously existed,” said Jordan Simanjuntak as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Triv in his statement, Sunday (11/6/2023).

Jordan continued, his company’s latest policy made Triv users very enthusiastic. Because users no longer need to worry about additional costs that might affect their profits.

“Triv’s decision to remove this transaction fee shows a commitment to providing the best service, and of course it is an added value with the hope that users will be more loyal,” explained Jordan.

Jordan further explained, to enjoy this new rule, Triv users are required to update their application to the latest version available on the Play Store and App Store. With this update, users will immediately benefit from free transactions at Triv Spot.

Not only the mobile version, Triv also realizes that some users prefer to use the web version. Therefore, the policy will also automatically apply to web users, so both mobile and web users will still receive the same benefits.

Jordan said that Triv’s decision to eliminate transaction fees is part of its efforts to continuously improve the user experience on its platform. Triv wants to ensure that its users get the satisfaction of making transactions without being burdened by additional costs.

This move is also in line with Triv’s vision to make digital asset trading in Indonesia cheaper, more efficient and more widely accepted and used.

“We are now the FIRST crypto platform to permanently waive transaction fees for all users and this is a big decision that we have made and we should be proud because it is also in line with our vision of providing convenience for all users. We want to provide the best trading experience where traders and investors can focus on their investment strategy without worrying about burdensome transaction fees,” Jordan said.

Of all the things related to investing in the crypto world, it is still necessary to have a fundamental understanding that must continue to be honed and sharpened, because changes and developments in the crypto world are very fast.

“Therefore, users need to deepen their knowledge which must be obtained from various sources as literacy, so that they are able to analyze and make strategies in each investment independently, and understand every risk that exists,” said Jordan.


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