Communication Students of Langlangbuana University Hold National Webinar on Diplomacy to be Global Connections

Bandung, Indonesia Sentinel – Communication students of Langlangbuana University (Bandung) held a national webinar themed “Diplomacy To Be Global Connections” on Thursday (23/6/2023).

Head of the Department of Communication Science of Langlangbuana University, Rannie Dyah Khatamisari Rachaju, S.Sos., M.Si. revealed that international communication skills are very important because now the world is borderless.

“I strongly support efforts to improve student skills so that communication science students have competence,” said Rannie.

Also present as speakers, Chairperson of the Indonesian Higher Education Public Relations Association (Perhumani) who is also an academic at Langlangbuana University Dr. Ahmad Zakiyuddin, S.H, S.IP., M.I.Kom, Secretary of the Rector of Langlanngbuana University, Dudi Yudha Kusuma, S.IP., M.I.Kom and Secretary of the Master of Government Science Study Program, Dr. Indriyati Kamil.

In his speech, Ahmad Zakiyuddin shared the material “Manner A Good Communication”. Zakiyuddin added that Manner A Good Communication is very important for global communication practitioners.

“We must have competence related to manner in global communication in order to successfully socialize in the global realm,” said Zaki.

“There are several ethics in communication that can improve relations between countries with the existence of international communication, namely good message delivery, mutual benefit efforts and cooperation with the principle of collaboration,” said Zaki.

On the other hand, Dudi Yudha explained that digital diplomacy has an important role in international communication, a diplomatic strategy that involves the use of digital communication and technology in the diplomatic process, digital diplomacy includes interactions between countries and international actors through digital platforms for the purpose of information exchange, relationship building, and alliance building.

While Dr. R. Indriyati Kamil, S.IP., M.I.Kom in her material entitled The Role of International Communication which focuses on international issues, explained that related issues in international communication are border conflicts, maritime infiltration, ethnic and tribal conflicts, terrorism and sustainability of natural resources.

Furthermore, Indri added that in international communication, communicators who play a role in international issues are state leaders, diplomats, representatives of international organizations and several institutions in other fields.

From the explanation of Dr. R. Indriyati Kamil, S.IP., M.I.Kom
highlighted more about the role of international communication that can be seen from international issues, that it helps to build cooperation and overcome conflicts between countries.


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