Young musician Etenia Croft makes Indonesia proud at Asia Pacific Arts Festival 2023

Jakarta – One of the young musicians from Indonesia, Etenia Croft Wijaya, made an achievement in the international arena. The 10-year-old little girl won a number of titles and awards at the Pacific Arts Festival (APAF) competition, which was held in Bangkok Thailand, June 23-25, 2023.

Etenia performed stunningly in front of the judges and audience at the Francais Alliance in Bangkok. The 5th grade student showed a confident performance, both when singing solo and when her fingers played the piano.

Thanks to her talent, Etenia Croft made Indonesia proud by winning the Distinction Gold Award for Solo Vocal and Gold Award for Piano. Not only that, on the night of the awarding, Etenia was named 2nd Runner Up Grand Champion Winner Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF) 2023.

For Etenia, this is an extraordinary achievement. According to her, it was not easy to compete against 165 other talented participants from various countries.

APAF itself is a prestigious art competition, which is held regularly. The APAF Bangkok 2023 competition is very competitive, because it invites the best judges in the Asia Pacific.

Among the judges were Ian Goh, a Malaysian pianist, composer and artistic director, and veteran Indonesian musician Purwa Tjaraka.

This year, Etenia Croft competed against 165 participants from Asia Pacific countries ranging in age from seven to 56 years old. Besides Indonesia, other ASEAN countries participating were Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Etenia hopes that her achievement at APAF can make her even more eager to develop her talent. What’s more, since childhood she has aspired to become an entertainer so that she can entertain more people.

Etenia is a multi-talented child. Besides arts, Etenia also continues to develop her public speaking talent.

In the academic field, Etenia is an outstanding child and always gets awards from her school. This school year, she achieved the best title for all subjects, bringing home 11 certificates of appreciation from her school in early June.

“I am very happy and grateful to God to be able to get the Gold Distiction Award and Gold Award, and even become the Grand Champion at the Asia Pacific Arts Festival 2023 this time. My gratitude for the support of coaches and teachers, and my parents. Hopefully in the future I can work and achieve even better for the Indonesian nation and country,” said the owner of the Instagram account @etenia.croft and Youtube @eteniacroft.


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