Marciano Norman Back to Lead Indonesian National Sports Committee 2023-2027

Jakarta – Lt. Gen. Ret. Marciano Norman was re-elected as Chairman of the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) Center for the 2023-2027 service period.

This decision was made shortly after the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Dito Ariotedjo officially opened the 2023 KONI XIV National Sports Conference (Musornas) in Jakarta, (4/7/2023).

In the Musornas, Marciano was present as the sole candidate who had been determined by the Screening Team.

All 38 Provincial KONIs provided support for Marciano to continue into the next period, and 69 of the 72 parent sports also requested the same thing. All support received by Marciano has been verified and validated.

The accountability report of the Central KONI for the 2019-2023 service period was submitted and accepted by the Musornas participants.

After returning to lead KONI Pusat for the second period, Marciano expressed his gratitude for all those who supported him. Marciano is determined to work optimally to pursue programs that have not been realized due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“With all the support from the vote holders, both from the Provincial KONI, parent sports and functional, I will optimize my performance to embrace all parties, because I believe we must be united to be able to achieve. Therefore, in this Musornas the tagline is ‘Unite to Achieve’,” Marciano explained.

On this occasion Marciani did not forget to convey his focus on the preparation of the XXI/2024 National Sports Week Aceh – North Sumatra.

“I will immediately prepare it and focus on how the PON can succeed well. I also hope that the media can continue to work together in advancing sports,” he said.

Going forward, the program from the previous service period that has been started will be continued.

Marciano and his staff have planned to add quality competitions for athletes through breakthrough programs, Martial Arts Sports Week, Beach Sports Week, Indoor Sports Week and Youth Sports Week.

On the other hand, KONI Pusat has also contributed to the development of Sport Science through cooperation with the University of Indonesia, UGM and so on. Cooperation with the National Police has also been established regarding the organization of sports activities, and there are also several other collaborations.

Another record of achievement that will be continued is related to the Sport Industry. KONI Pusat has taken a strategic step by cooperating with more than 1,000 local MSMEs in the Indonesia Jaya Indonesia Cooperative (KIOJI). In the future, it is hoped that the next management will continue the program with the Provincial and Regency / City KONIs.

“If not us, who else will make Indonesian products advance,” said Marciano.

Chairman of the Kick Boxing Indonesia Central Board (PP.KBI) Ngatino hopes that the KONI can establish cooperation with various parties, the government, all sports organizations, the private sector, and so on.

“However, we as sports must be one, we need the solidarity of all stakeholders to build sports in the future,” he concluded.


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