Kambaniru Passenger Ship Serves Labuan-Amolengo

Jakarta – PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) relocated the Kambaniru Passenger Motor Ship (KMP) from the Balikpapan branch to the Baubau branch as a strategic step to strengthen regional connectivity in Sulawesi by serving the Labuan-Amolengo commercial crossing.

ASDP Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin revealed that the company has conducted a comprehensive evaluation of existing crossing routes, as part of efforts to improve efficiency and service quality.

“Based on the results of the evaluation, we decided to relocate KMP Kambaniru from Balikpapan to Baubau Branch on Sunday (2/7/2023) to support the connectivity of crossing routes in the region,” she said as quoted by InfoPublik on Wednesday (5/7/2023).

The relocation of KMP Kambaniru to the Baubau Branch is expected to provide a number of significant benefits. The move is projected to strengthen commercial crossings in the Baubau region through the provision of better and more efficient services for service users.

KMP Kambaniru has a capacity of around 300 passengers and can load around 40 units of small vehicles with a capacity of GT 543.

After the relocation, ASDP collaborated with related parties such as BPTD (Land Transportation Management Center) and Southeast Sulawesi Transportation Agency to ensure that the ship was feasible and safe in carrying out its operations.

The Labuan – Amongelo track is currently the main connecting access for government activities. The route is also dominated by logistics vehicles.

“The crossing allows connectivity between Buton Island and the capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province. So, starting from providing access for the general public in carrying out daily activities, educational needs, health care, to business trips,” Shelvy said.

General Manager of ASDP Baubau Branch, Rudy Mahmudi stated that the presence of KMP Kambaniru in his branch can meet the transportation needs between the islands around the region. “ASDP hopes that with the KMP Kambaniru, it can further facilitate regional economic growth and expand accessibility for the community and businesses,” he said.

In addition, this relocation is also in line with ASDP’s commitment to support government programs to develop connectivity and the logistics sector in Indonesia. ASDP will continue to work with local governments and other stakeholders to ensure the success of the relocation, as well as improve the quality of crossing services in the region.

Shelvy added that ASDP is committed to continuous innovation and service improvement to meet the needs and expectations of service users. “The relocation of KMP Kambaniru is one of the concrete steps taken by ASDP to improve services and provide excellent crossing services for the community,” she said.


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