Mawardi Yahya: Sriwijaya Travel Fair 2023 is a Connection between Tourism Industry Players

Palembang – The South Sumatra Provincial Government through the Provincial Culture and Tourism Office in collaboration with the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Tour Travel Association (DPP ASITA) held the Sriwijaya Travel Fair event which was opened by the Deputy Governor of South Sumatra H Mawardi Yahya at the Palembang Indah Mall atrium, Friday (14/7).

In his speech, Deputy Governor Mawardi Yahya hoped that the event could be a forum to introduce the charm of South Sumatra tourism to both domestic and foreign tourists.

“South Sumatra is a province rich in cultural diversity, historical heritage, natural beauty coupled with the friendliness of its people. We hope that the event will become one of the media means of promotion to local and foreign tourists,” hoped Mawardi Yahya.

According to the Deputy Governor, the introduction of various tourist destinations in South Sumatra will provide new references for prospective tourists so that it will encourage an increase in tourist visits in South Sumatra which is expected to boost the growth of the local tourism industry.

He assessed that Sriwijaya Travel Fair 2023 is also an opportunity to make connections between tourism industry players.

At the end of his speech, Mawardi urged the Tourism Office to establish good cooperation with the security forces so that tourists who come to South Sumatra feel safe when traveling.

“This event involves participation from various parties, such as local governments, tourism operators, airlines, travel agents, hotels, and other tourism industry players, with the aim of introducing tourist destinations in South Sumatra,” he explained.

Aufa said there were 14 travel stands taking part in the event which offered many destinations in South Sumatra.

“Sriwijaya Travel Fair is a platform that allows visitors to get complete information about tourist destinations, travel packages, special prices, and other attractive offers. Participants can get the latest information about interesting places, cultural attractions, culinary, and recreational activities in South Sumatra,” he said.


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