Telkom Releases Paw Rumble, a Game Made in Surabaya

Surabaya – PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) continues to develop its digital business in the game sector through one of its subsidiaries PT Nuon Digital Indonesia (Nuon) by launching Paw Rumble, an arcade-casual game developed by Grinsmile game studio from Surabaya, East Java.

Nuon President Director Aris Sadewo said on Tuesday (18/7/2023) that Nuon, as part of TelkomGroup, is committed to supporting the growth of the local game ecosystem in the country.

Paw Rumble is a game developed by young people from a game studio from Surabaya City.

The hope is that Paw Rumble as a local game can provide alternative entertainment that can be accepted and enjoyed by all groups and is able to compete with other game choices.

Paw Rumble features stunning visuals, addictive gameplay and combined with adorable animal characters (pixel art style) make players of all ages will be captivated to try to play together and compete to be the winner in each game mode.

The game presents some interesting features by presenting three game modes namely; Overgreed, Bomb and Letter.

Overgreed, allows players to survive as much as possible while collecting trophies. Bomb tests the player’s skill in placing bombs and avoiding explosions.

Letter asks the player to collect letters to form a given word with limited time.

In addition to the diverse game modes, to celebrate the full release, Paw Rumble presents a New Player Bundle promo: 25% Discount + Exclusive Character Chipper Shadow Ninja + 100 Star Ticket.

For users who have filled out feedback during the Open Beta period, Nuon Games will send ‘Phoenix Chipper’ rewards through the same email account used to log-in during the Open Beta phase.

After the end of the Open Beta phase, a reset will be made, and every user who logs in to their email during Open Beta will get 200 Coins + 200 Star Tickets.

Not only that, all users who have downloaded Paw Rumble will get a launch gift of 100 Coins + 100 Star Tickets.

Paw Rumble will continue to be committed to providing regular updates, expanding the reach of the community, introducing new levels, characters, and other more exciting features to keep the game fresh and exciting. Check it out on the Google Play Store and play! (MC Diskominfo Prov Jatim /hjr-jal/toeb)


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