Indonesia Encourages Digital Innovation through Regulation at the 29th ATRC

Bali – The Government of the Republic of Indonesia encourages innovation and expansion of digital access in the ASEAN Region, through the development of effective regulations and synergy between global and regional cooperation.

This was said by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Mira Tayyiba, at the opening of the 29th Meeting of the ASEAN Telecommunications Regulators’ Council (ATRC) in Badung, Bali, on Wednesday (23/8/2023).

“The key to fostering innovation, expanding digital access, and unlocking economic growth lies in developing effective regulations that involve aligning innovation and security, promoting inclusiveness while safeguarding competition, and achieving synergy between global cooperation and regional autonomy,” said Mira Tayyiba who is also the Chairperson of the 29th ATRC.

Secretary General Mira said the regulatory landscape has played an important role in facilitating the deployment of 5G networks, to propel ASEAN towards a new era of connectivity and innovation.

“ASEAN countries have worked together to harmonize spectrum allocation and encourage cross-border interoperability, enabling seamless communication and collaboration across the region,” she said.

According to the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, ASEAN member states have refined the regulatory framework to encourage innovation, while maintaining fair competition and the rights of innovators.

Thus, she is optimistic that a dynamic ecosystem will be created to drive ASEAN to become a leading region in technological advancement.

“By providing a clear legal framework for intellectual property rights, encouraging innovation centers, and supporting startups, ASEAN can create a dynamic ecosystem that propels the region to be at the forefront of global technological progress,” explained Mira Tayyiba.

Furthermore, the Chair of the 29th ATRC reminded participants that there are challenges of the digital revolution that must be addressed in line with progress and innovation, such as cybersecurity and data privacy.

Therefore, she called for regulatory development to prioritize strong cybersecurity measures and the establishment of comprehensive data protection regulations.

“ASEAN’s commitment to the ASEAN Digital Integration Framework and the ASEAN Data Protection and Privacy Framework is a laudable step to ensure a safe and secure digital environment for businesses and communities,” the Secretary-General said.

The meeting was attended by delegates of ASEAN member states, representatives of the ASEAN Secretariat, and the Director of the ASEAN ICT Center (AICTC).


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