World Choir Games 2023 Champion, East Java Tourism and Culture Appreciates Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir

Surabaya – Head of the East Java Culture and Tourism Office, Hudiyono, also appreciated the achievements of the Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir, which won the 2023 World Choir Games.

The teenagers, who are a collaboration of groups from Jakarta, Surabaya and Sidoarjo, won first place in the championship held in Gangneung, South Korea.

He explained, Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir is a collaboration of Gita Bumi Voices choir group from Jakarta and Shine Harmony Choir from Sidoarjo. They won the best title in the first position for Pop Choir Category 2023.

The previous competition was held on July 11-13, 2023. Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir successfully beat choirs from Sweden, Slovakia, the Netherlands, USA, China, South Africa, South Korea, Kosovo, and Thailand who became their competitors.

Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir consists of 43 personnel. 19 personnel from Sidoarjo and Surabaya elementary, junior high, and high school students, and 24 personnel from DKI Jakarta students.

The personnel from Shine Harmony Choir, said Hudiyono, are talented teenagers who were previously a choir group under the guidance of the East Java Culture and Tourism Office.

They have performed during the commemoration of the Great Day at the Grahadi State Building. With the international achievement of this extraordinary collaboration, I am also proud.

“Hopefully it can inspire many other choir groups in East Java to achieve more,” he said, Saturday (15/7/2023) through the release of East Java Culture and Tourism Office Public Relations.

Conductor of Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir, Tedy Eka Supriyandi, was quoted from various media explaining, the World Choir Games is the largest choir competition in the world organized by the Intelkultur Foundation.

Its iconic motto, ‘Singing together brings nations together’ is depicted in the biennial competition. “Those who do not look at the country of origin, race, or genre of music performed by the participants,” he explained.

She also hopes that what Gita Bumi Shine Harmony Choir does can inspire the choir world. “My hope is that it can provide inspiration for new colors in the choir world,” he hoped.

Deputy Vocal Coach, Bayu Azhairudin Widjaja also explained, the preparation of Gita Bumi Shine Voices World Choir Games 2023 in Gangneung South Korea has been done for a long time.

At least eight months for Gita Bumi Shine Voices to prepare everything, starting from auditions in September 2022, training, practice, pre-competition concerts, until finally flying to South Korea on Friday, July 7, 2023.

She also said that one month before departing for South Korea, Gita Bumi Shine Voices had also held a pre-competition concert titled ‘Glory of Love’ in Surabaya, East Java.

“This concert was our simulation for the 2023 World Choir Game in Gangneung, South Korea, and Alhamduillah we won first place,” said Shine Harmony Conductor, Bayu.

He thanked everyone who supported this concert. Once again, he said thank you very much. In the future, please pray for our success in the next competitions.

“Hopefully we can win first place and Indonesia Raya will reverberate in several countries,” he concluded. (MC Diskominfo Jatim/ida-idc/toeb)


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