Traveling to Melayu Beach with Tradition Music

by Rivaldi Ihsan, Ethnomusicologist and Lecturer in Music at Sumbawa University of Technology (Instagram: rivaldiihsan, E-mail:

For the people of Batam when in Melayu beach Kampung Melayu Batu Besar Nongsa, can provide satisfaction, beauty, peace, and tranquility. Because the waves of the sea breeze plus the view of the expanse of coral reefs, beach sand, and coconut trees can realize the peace of mind and soul for the workers of Batam City.

Not to forget also, on the beach, there is a performance art, namely the art of traditional Malay music by the group Orkes Melayu Pancaran Senja (OMPS) which can give its own satisfaction to the beach visitors. Considering that in Batam City there is only one beach that has traditional live music performance art, namely Melayu beach, Kampung Melayu Batu Besar Nongsa.

Usually the beach visitors will be crowded on every weekend Saturday and Sunday. On these weekends, OMPS music performances are always awaited by visitors, because they present the rhythm of zapin, langgam, mak inang, and joget music.

Not surprisingly, in this part of the joget series, the beach visitors are so entertained that they merge into one unit, namely dancing together when the music performance is taking place.

In addition to beach attractions and the art of performing ethnic Malay music, there is also heritage tourism, namely the Malay traditional house. According to history, the traditional house was built by Haji Abdul Karim in 1959.

The existence of this traditional house can also be a special attraction for local and foreign tourists, usually when tourists visit the Melayu beach, they will also visit the traditional house.

Through stories by local Malay ethnic community leaders, why is it called the old Malay village of Batu Besar. Because there is a historical story of the Nila Utama who is a prince of the Sriwijaya kingdom who is hunting after a deer. Then, he climbed to the top of Batu Besar in Tanjung Memban until he saw Temasek island which is currently called Singapora.

Route to reach Melayu Beach
For traveling friends if you want to visit Melayu Beach, Batu Besar Nongsa, you can use public transportation. For traveling friends who come from outside the city or from the Riau Islands Regency, they can go through Hang Tuah road and use public transportation such as Damri, Taxi, or other online transportation services. The distance traveled for all types of vehicles from Hang Nadim Airport to Melayu beach is 6.7 km, about 12 minutes via Hang Tuah road.

Usually, visitors of local and foreign tourists to Melayu beach will be charged an entrance fee of Rp. 10,000 as well as cleaning money. Melayu beach is open from 09.00 am to 17.00 pm every day, while for music performances only on Saturdays and Sundays.

Recommended places to eat and stay
If you visit Melayu beach, you will not be satisfied if you do not visit tourist attractions and other electronic shopping centers to buy mobile phones or buy souvenirs of Batam specialties, such as grilled bingka, villa banana cake, luti gedang.

Usually friends of local and foreign tourists will visit Nagoya or Jodoh, souvenir sales center or can also visit Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill, Grand Mall.

As for the type of lodging, there are various types depending on your pocket. There are various types of hotels in Batam city both from one-star hotels to five-star hotels. Such as RedDoorz hotels, OYO, Turi Beach, Montigo Resort, Batam View, Nongsa Point Marina, and so on. The price starts from Rp 120,000-Rp 2000,000. So, are your traveling buddies interested in visiting Malay beach and watching OMPS traditional music performances. Waiting for your presence, friend.


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